harry's younger sister

Samantha styles is harry styles younger sister she a singer just like him but when she the opening at for them will one of the boys fall for her even though harry told them not to find out in the wonderful new book.


2. the arrivel

 p.o.v harrys

harry wake up ! yelled Louis we are picking your sister and her friend at the airport. Did you forget they are our opening act.

oh ya I haven't seen her for almost a year and yes how can I forget I know there coming on tour with us. I told him

once I got ready I went downstairs to get breakfast the boys came down first was Laim then was Naill then Louis then me last came sleepy head zayn as they sat down I told them to at least try  to not hurt or fall for her I don't want to see her crying or I would really hurt you till she tells me to stop

why would we hurt her she like our sister they said together nail more silently then the other. there plane would land in a few hours so we cleaned the house, got there rooms organized, we also went shopping for food for us. My sister loves the band so I told them when the finished settling in a asked them to play her favorite song story of my life ( it really is one of my favorite songs)




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