harry's younger sister

Samantha styles is harry styles younger sister she a singer just like him but when she the opening at for them will one of the boys fall for her even though harry told them not to find out in the wonderful new book.


1. harry's sister

p.o.v Samantha (harry's sister)

(I can't belive we  opening for my favorite band which my brother is!) in I told my best friend Anna


Before I tell you more my name is Samantha styles yes harry styles little but way cuter sister I'm seventeen almost eighteen in 5 month. me and my best friend Anna and my brother tried the x-factor. Anna and I got 2nd place while my poor brother got 3rd I was overjoyed by our place and disappointed for my brother he should have got 2nd not us.


(I hope I can finally get to hang out one on with my brother.)I stated


 (I love all the boys my favorite is niall I hope I can go out with him but my brother would disapprove.) I wonder out loud


(oh I think so I once he see how happy he makes you!) 


skip to tomorrow morning



I will write more later promise  


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