Allaura, the light. Wrapping everyone around her little fingers since birth, this innocent and loving girl has made the life for everyone bright. With five older brothers and her father as a leader, she has been protected and loved from the beginning, not only because of how amazing she is, but because she is special. She has some kind of unknown power inside of her that not even her own parents understand. Yet not everyone protects this power. What happens when someone tries to wipe this bright light out for their own purposes? Find out and read as we take the path of this amazing young lady and how she becomes what she is in the end.


1. Light


~~The scream echoed throughout the house and the forest behind it rattling it all.

 She knew she wouldn’t make it.

The scream shook the house and the people in it shivered in fear and worry. The woman lied in her bed as she tried to bear the last few minutes of her labor. The thought of not making it made her grip her husband’s hand even tighter than before as she breathed deeply. She just wanted to give the love of her life one last gift before she left. She had already given him five precious boys. Now she was waiting for the last one to come so he could join his twin brother who was crying in the arms of his grandmother.

She looked into the eyes of her husband and the look said it all.

“No! No, Mary, no. I’m not letting you go. Just hold on a little while. You’ll make it. I’m sure. Just hold on, love,” the man cried to his wife.

“I’m sorry, Richard,” Mary said giving him a weak smile. Richard shook his head in fierce denial.

The nurse maid came around the bed to check on Mary then glanced at the doctor.

“We’re losing her,” she said. Richard gave his mother a helpless look. The doctor nodded.

“Then let’s at least try to get the babe safe,” the doctor said. The nurse maid and doctor both moved forward and worked to bring the small life into the world.

 As the baby came into the world, Mary gave one last loving look to her husband and closed her eyes. The doctor held the baby in her arms as Richard screamed at the loss of his love. Four boys in a nearby room lowered their heads or started crying at the anguished scream. As Richard’s scream subsided he realized something else was wrong.


 The baby was not moving.


 He quickly rushed to the babe’s side and took it in his arms. He looked at the doctor who was just trying CPR on the babe. The doctor shook her head sadly and lowered it. Richard screamed again and his knees gave out as he fell to the floor. His mother held the other baby closer to her and her shoulder shook as she cried. Richard’s father held the two of the four boys close to him in the other room as he realized what happen.

 After a while the doctor touched him on the shoulder in a silent meaning. He stood up and walked to his wife who lay peacefully on the bed with no life in her. It was as though a sudden switch made her look instantly dead. Mary’s brown hair looked weak and dead surrounding her face. Her blue eyes hidden underneath pale white shadowed lids. Her face looked sunken in as if the air left it completely. Her lips became dry and blue. Her skin turned this grayish color.

 “Look Mary, look what you did to me. You left me. You left me and took our last child with you. Why?! Look. This is the child you took. This is the one who you left without any life. Look!”
Richard shouted this to Mary’s body and shoved the unmoving baby into her lifeless arms.


Then the light flashed.


It flashed so bright that everyone in the room had to close and shield their eyes. The baby in Richard’s mother’s arms became quiet. The house shook then became still. The boys in the other room with their grandfather all closed their eyes and held each other feeling something powerful course through the house. Richard had fallen backwards from the shock of the light and screamed. Soon the light dimmed.


Then a piercing wail shot through the house.


Richard and everyone else in the room looked shocked. What they saw left them frozen in place.

There sitting up in bed was Mary, looking healthy, holding her baby in her arms, smiling down at it, trying to calm its wails, and moving hands and feet. Mary did not look like how she did a few minutes ago. Her face looked full with skin and meat. Her tan colored skin held two pink roses at her cheek, flushed. Her bright blue eyes shined down at her baby with love and adoration. Her long brown hair was full and healthy with loose curls raining down around her and her baby. Thick tears rolled down her face.

The doctor and the nurse maid were the first ones moving towards the pair. They quickly checked over the health of both of them while Richard stayed sprawled on the floor with shock on his face. Richard’s mother went out of the room to tell her husband.

Finally after a while the doctor and nurse maid declared both of them healthy leaving them to rest. Richard had moved to sit on a chair during the process his gaze never leaving his wife and their child. His eye thick with emotion and questions. When the doctor closed the door Mary looked over at her husband while nursing her baby.

She smiled at him and raised a single hand towards him.

He ran to take it and held it close to him. He bowed his head to her hand and his shoulders shook and his body racked with sobs with no tears. At the first contact he felt with her after seeing her dead. Shocks and warmth spread through both of them at the touch.

“Oh god Mary! I almost lost you. Both of you. I don’t know what I would’ve done,” he said.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here. I ‘m right here and I’m not going anywhere,” she said soothingly. She stroked his hair and let him have his moment. Then he said the one thing that was on everyone’s mind,




Mary looked at him and smiled.

“I don’t really know. But I know one thing, our baby saved my life. Its touch reached me and bought me back. It showed me a light that brought me back somehow. I don’t know how but it just did.”

Richard thought about this for a minute. Then when he lifted his head she said quietly,

“Would you like to see our baby?”

Richard looked down at the small bundle of life in his wife’s arms. He nodded and Mary slowly moved the blanket coving the baby.

He looked at the baby and gave his first smile in while. He brushed the hair back on its head and smiled at Mary.

“He’s amazing, what are we going to name him?” he said thinking about how it should match with his twin named Darrel.

“I’m not going to name him,” she said. Richard looked confused. ”I’m going to name her. Richard we gave birth to a girl.”

“A girl?” he said shocked. “But the doctors said they were going to be twin boys.”

“Some miracles just happen,” Mary said.

“Well, what are we going to name her?”

“Allaura.” Mary said looking down at her.

“What does that mean?” Richard said. 


Then the baby’s eyes opened





A/N: Hey guys, I'm new to this but I have written stories before. This is my first time putting it here so enjoy!

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