My British Teacher 16+

I have the cutest teacher ever. I want him but can't. We can't have a student and teacher relationship, but we can't help it. We sneak around as much as we can.

Will it continue or will it end?? READ & FIND OUT ***** only read if you can handle it, it can get a little sexual.******


7. Chapter 7- What have I done

Nicole's POV

When we were done cuddling I got up kissed him one last time and them left and when I left the classroom I walked to my car and just sat there in so much shock. I didn't know what to do now. It already happened all I had to do was just pray that no one would find out what happened. What was I going to do when I would see him in class. I don't want it to be awkward between us but all I can do was pray.

Louis POV

What the HELL just happened? I was tried and scared because I did not want anybody to find out what just happened. I grabbed my stuff and left the school in panic. I got in my car and called Liam still in so much panic.

" Hello Liam. It's Lou and I'm worried and scared!!" I said screaming into the phone.

" Lou, you have to clam down mate. Just breath and tell me what is going on".

Just before he was going time say something again I pulled up to his house and I was knocking on his door. When he opened the door I rushed it and started pacing.

" Lou will you calm down and tell me what is going on"! He said grabbing my arm.

I didn't know how to tell him what I have done.

" Liam, I had sex with Nicole!"

" What the HELL Louis! Are you stupid? How could u do this?"

" I know, and no. And I don't know it just happened.

Liam's POV

When Louis told me that it was bad I didn't know it was going to be like this. "Has he lost his damn mind" was the only thing that kept going over and over in my head. I mean I have seen Nicole and yeah she is pretty and all but why would he have sex with her. Because he still kinda is still with Amber.

" Lou you are still with Amber, you just had a fight that's all. What were you thinking"!? He said with frustration.

" I know Liam. I know I guess it was all in the moment or something. There are no words to explain on what I was thinking." I said looking at the floor in disappointment.

After we talked about what happened we just stared at each other and that was boring.

" Liam should I tell Amber about what I've done? I mean is that the true honest thing to do?"

" Lou, I mean I would because honesty is a true thing that you need in a relationship. I mean she won't understand but I know she will listen, well maybe. But just say something to her Lou."

After I said that he quickly got up and grabbed his keys and left my house. I was just hoping this went well.

Sorry guys this chapter was short but I got writers block I will update soon.

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