My British Teacher 16+

I have the cutest teacher ever. I want him but can't. We can't have a student and teacher relationship, but we can't help it. We sneak around as much as we can.

Will it continue or will it end?? READ & FIND OUT ***** only read if you can handle it, it can get a little sexual.******


6. Chapter 6-Attacked ( SEXUAL)

Amber's POV

When I got in the car I just cried and hit the steering wheel so hard it left red marks on my hands. Did we just brake up, what did this mean for us? When I looked up at the spot that Louis and I had our fight, I saw that Louis was already eating and smiling. What the HELL we just had a fight. I drove to my place and I called my mum and I told her everything that happened and she took his side. What was going on. I jugs wanted to get some sleep and figure out everything in the morning.

-------------- Louis's POV--------------------

After what happened with Amber and I last night I just needed time to myself and with the boys. I drove to Starbucks and got me a coffee and I drove to Zayn's house.

" Hey Lou, how are you doing?"

" I'm fine Zayn but Amber's not." I showed him my phone and showed that she had texted me about eight times this morning.

" Lou what was the fight about last night?"

" She went off about how she thinks I have eyes for Nicole."

" But you kinda do Lou, don't you?" He said giving me a look.

" Yeah, but how was I going to tell her that. I mean it's not easy telling your girlfriend that." I snapped.

" Calm down Lou, I was just saying.

We ended up having a debate that lasted for about an hour. And then Zayn's wife came in the room, coming back from a tour. It just got awkward after that. Parrie is a nice and cool girl but I did not want to hang still even when they insisted. I decided to drive to the school and do some paper work. When I got there I was walking to my classroom when I saw two people fighting, I didn't know who they were till I got close to them.

" Hey! There is no reason to fight, knock it off!" I said pulling the people apart now seeing who was fighting.

I was shocked to see who it was. I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

" Nicole, love are you ok?" I said pulling her arm so I could hold her.

I knew she wasn't ok but I just had to ask. She started to cry in my shoulder, I could feel my shoulder getting warm from her tears. I took her into my officer in my office to get a better look at her. She had a black eye, a bloody nose, and a bruise on her right cheek. I left to get her ice and some tissues. When I came back I saw that she was at my desk with her head resting on it. I walked over to her and I placed my hand in her back, she jumped and screamed. She must had thought that I was going to attack her. When she saw that it was me she just stared to cry again. I got on my knees and I lifted her head and placed the ice on her face,and gave her the tissues. When she was calmer I asked her what happened.

" That was one of my ex's and I was suppose to pay my rent but still didn't have enough. I gave him what I had at the moment and he was not happy, and he took his anger out on my face." She said with a tear leaving her face.

I felt a tear form in my eyes when she told me that.

" How much were you off on paying him back?"

" I don't know about $250."

I knew that I could not have him keep doing this to her when he felt like it. So I when in my jacket and pulled out my wallet and walked out the office and saw him on the stairs.

" Hey! I don't want you bothering Nicole anymore, and what you did was just wrong. You are lucky that I did not call the cops. Her is what she owes you and now get out of here!" I yelled throwing the money at him.

He took the money and left. I walked back to my office and saw that she was in the couch in my office sleeping. She looked so peaceful I grabbed a blanket in the closet and placed it on top of her. I walked over to my desk and I saw that there was a little blood in my desk I washed it off and I did my paper work I had to do.

" What happened, where's Chase?"

I looked up and saw her her face really looked messed up. I walked over to her and held her hands.

" He's gone, and he won't be back ever." I said trying not to kiss her.

" Wait what! What did you do!" She snapped.

That was not the reaction I was thinking in my head. Why was she mad at me I payed him so he wouldn't do this to her again.

" I just payed him what you couldn't and told him to leave you alone. He was lucky I didn't call the cops." I said with a calm tone.

I did not want him to hurt her beautiful face or any other part of her body. We talked for a while she had her head on my chest and her arm at the lower part of my stomach. I had to control my thoughts because she had just went through something tramatic. I had got up and went to the bathroom and I washed my face and just looked at my reflection in the mirror. My reflection did not look like me. I shook my head to see if my reflection would change, but it didn't. Then I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed a paper towel and dried off my face. Then I saw Nicole standing there with another bloody nose. I got out the bathroom and she walked in. I sat on the couch again and started to read this book when she came back out.

She sat right by me and gave me this look. Her look had lust in her eyes. I smiled back and looked back at my book. It started to get a little weird after that. She came a little closer to me and she started kissing me on my neck. I didn't even stop her. I bit my lip and let out a little moan. She stopped and looked at me. I looked at her and I threw down my book and kissed her back. When I slipped my tongue in her mouth she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down a little more. I knew she liked it because she smiled in the middle if the kiss. I moved my hands to her chest and started to squeeze her breasts and she stopped kissing and moaned a little while biting her bottom lip. I moved my head to her neck and I started to give her little kisses on her neck and then started to give her a few hickies on her neck. She let out a louder moan. I smiled at her. She pulled my head back to her lips and while I kissed her I slipped my hand user her shirt and unhooked her bra. I then stopped kissing her and took off her shirt and bra. I worked my way down do slow. I held her hands to her sides with a tight grip. When I kissed both of her breasts and sucked on them I released her hands. She placed both of her hands at the bottom of my back and took of my shirt. She kissed and licked me from my chest to the end of my stomach making me grab the top of the couch with a strong grib.

-- Thoughts in my head--

Damn I know this is so wrong but damn this feels so damn good right now. Her lips are so soft and her tounge feels so good. I have to stop this right now. What- what, shit is she really taking off my belt and unbuttoning my jeans? Now I really have to stop this. Fuck it I'm really excited right now, and it feels fantastic. -- End of thoughts in my head--

She unbuttoned my jeans and smiled at me when she was doing it. Once they were off she tossed them on the floor. I smiled back at her and I kissed her soft lips. And I removed her skirt. Then she stopped kissing me.

" What? Did I do something wrong"? I said with little breath.

" Oh no, your fine. It's just that do you have a-a"? She said with a little question in her voice.

" Oh yes I do, hold on a second.". I said reaching for my bag.

When I got back to her, her eyes had a sparkle in them. I winked at her as I got back on top of her. As I entered she grabbed my shoulders with such force. It kinda hurt but I didn't mind. When I was fully in she added more pressure to my shoulders, while letting out the loudest moan. I covered her mouth with one of my hands. And I could feel her hot breath on my hand. And as I holding her mouth she started to say something. I removed my hand.

" Damn, that's feels so good." She said smiling at me.

I smiled back at her. and it was a good 15 minutes of passionate love making before we both hit our braking points. When we were done we just laid on the couch cuddling so close to each other.

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