My British Teacher 16+

I have the cutest teacher ever. I want him but can't. We can't have a student and teacher relationship, but we can't help it. We sneak around as much as we can.

Will it continue or will it end?? READ & FIND OUT ***** only read if you can handle it, it can get a little sexual.******


4. Chapter 4- intervention

Louis's POV

After Nicole left I sat in my chair and I just thought what just happened. I was in shock because I really shouldn't have done that. I wondered what I should do. I drove to Harry's house and when I got there all the boys were there. I told them what happened, they all hit me in the arm really hard. Then Harry slapped me in the face to knock some sense into me.

" Lou, you can't have a relationship with you student, it's just wrong." Liam said

All the guys agreed.

" You can lose your job Lou, and we all know you are happy teaching drama sense we all retired. We are telling you this because we are your mates and we care about you." Zayn said to me putting a hand in my shoulder.

I just took in what they said. And they were right I can't risk what I love besides music. So I decided to to take a few sick days so I did not see her. I stayed at Liam's and I felt like not going to work was working. My thoughts were gone, I connected with Amber again. We were much happier now. I guess the guys knew what they were doing.

--------------- Nicole's POV--------------------

Every time I went to drama he wasn't there. I was confused where was he. I thought he was into me. We had that connection. Was it something I did or was it was it him. I didn't know what happened. I had so many thoughts and not the thoughts that I usually had. I was scared. So I decided to go to the campus attendance office to see if I could find his number to see what I did or to see if he was ok. I found it when I got there. So I texted him....

" Hey Mr.Tomlinson it's Nicole I was wondering of everything was ok. Did I do something. If I did in so sorry."

I know it's wrong to text your teachers but I had feelings for him it was just a feeling. I waited about an hour and still no reply I didn't know what to do now.

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