My British Teacher 16+

I have the cutest teacher ever. I want him but can't. We can't have a student and teacher relationship, but we can't help it. We sneak around as much as we can.

Will it continue or will it end?? READ & FIND OUT ***** only read if you can handle it, it can get a little sexual.******


3. Chapter 3- First Class

Nicole POV

It had been a week sense Mr. Tomlinson drove me home from work. It had been a week sense I kissed him. But I wish it was not on the cheek I wanted to know what his lips tasted like. And today would be the first time in a week that I would see him. I got dressed so I could get ready for my classes. I put on my white skinny jeans my red tank top with my black leather jacket and my red Toms. I grabbed my bag and left for campus. I was nervous to see him again, after what could have been in his car. When I got to campus I went to all my classes and right before I walked into Drama III, I was excited but nervous. I was weak in my knees and I wished he would come out and carry me bridal style to my seat. But I had to act like nothing ever happend. I walked in and on the desks there were these name plates I looked all over the room till he came out of his office and saw I was the only one in there right now.

" Nicole, you are in the back first left row." He told me.

I smiled and tried to control myself. I put my stuff down and took out my phone and texted a few of my friends when he came up to me.

" Nicole, how was your week?"

Oh my gosh I missed his sexy voice. I had to figure what I was going to say.

" It was ok, just had to work and hug out with some friends." I told him trying not to jump out of my chair and kiss him.

" Well that's good, is your car running ok now?"

Why is he bringing that up. And as I was just about to answer he put his hand on my knee and kept it there for a while. Why didn't I move it, was it because I wanted him to keep it there. I only moved it when someone came in the door way and he looked at me and I just looked back at the door way that's when he turned and moved his hand. Then a lot of people entered the room. I knew that I just had control it. He began to teach the class and I noticed that all the girls were acting like how I was when I first met Mr. Tomlinson. Was I feeling jealous? He was mine we have a connection I hate having to fight for someone. I ended up not paying attention until when we had to do this paper he looked up at me and smiled and winked at me. I smiled back. So now I knew that he was still into me.

-------- Louis's POV----------

When she walked into my classroom my heart started beating so fast. When I walked over to talk to her I smelt her perfume, I recognized the smell. I just did want to ask her what kind it was. When I started to talk to her I placed my hand on her knee and she didn't mind that I put my hand there. I wanted it somewhere else but I did not want to risk anything so soon. When she kept looking at the door I knew that I should move away. I began to teach the class. Every time I turned around it was like we were the only two people in the room. That hour and a half went by so fast for me. And when class was over I grabbed he arm and kissed her sense she was the last one to turn in her paper. We smiled at each other and then she left.

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