My British Teacher 16+

I have the cutest teacher ever. I want him but can't. We can't have a student and teacher relationship, but we can't help it. We sneak around as much as we can.

Will it continue or will it end?? READ & FIND OUT ***** only read if you can handle it, it can get a little sexual.******


1. Chapter 1- New Year

Nicole POV:

Collage life here we go again. I have a new teacher this year. I really hate new teachers because I have to do more work to get I there good side. But I hope this one is at least cute and understanding. I got my classes and I'm going to get on my teaches good side today. I went to the campus and I went to my first five classes and tried everything but I did not succeed. So my last hope was sixth class with my new teacher. I walked in the room and no one was in there till I saw someone walk out of the office.

" hello, are you Mr. Tomlinson?" I asked trying not to stare at him.

He was so cute his eyes were amazing, his body was really amazing.

" Yes love I'm Mr. Tomlinson. Can I help you with something?"

Ok now this was really going to hard because is ascent was just breathtaking.

" yeah I was just wondering if I was in the right room for Drama III. I said trying to keep my thoughts to myself.

" Oh are you one of my students?" He said walking right by me.

Wow things about him are just getting better and better. He smelt so good.

" Umm, yes I'm one of your students." I said stumbling over my words.

" Well that's good, now I know one of my students."

" Yeah". Was all I could say this was going to be a good new school year but hard. Why does he have to be so darn cute.

---------------- Louis's POV-------------------

When this girl walked in my classroom so many thoughts were going through my head and throughout my body. And when she told me she was one of my students my thoughts changed. I had to act professional. I stopped what I was doing and sat down in my chair and we started to talk. She was beautiful I couldn't keep my thoughts under control and more so my body. She had long black hair with blond highlights, she had brown eyes, and she had an adorable southern accent. We talked for about three hours till I had go home. This was going to be a really good year having her in my class.

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