The new family member (twilight)

What would happen when Nessie goes out in the forest and finds a girl with a vampire bite on her neck and brings her home. What happens when that girl who is about to turn into a vampire doesn't remember her human life like alice. Please find out in the new family member


1. chapter one

Nessie pov.

I when out hunting in the woods when I hear this crying sound ' that smells like a human ' I thought so I run vampire speed to see a girl lying on the floor with a vampire bite on her neck. So I pick her up an run as fast as I can to my home to my mom and dad.

"Mommy, daddy!!!!!!!" I screamed.

They come running down and see the girl lying in my arms. "Carlisle" ( well I think that's how you spell his name) they scream and daddy comes and picked the girl up and takes her to grandpas office. "Wait I wanna come to!!" I say.

But mommy say no that I should wait up stairs with my uncle Emmett and aunt Rose so I do an I think 'I really hope she will be ok. While jake comes up stares and holds me while think. "Hey she's going to be okay" said jake. I think about it and smile because I know deep down in my heart that he is right but I still was worried for the rest of the night.

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