Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


10. Chapter 9.

The whole class period consisted of me, reliving my encounter with Zayn. I finally stood up for myself. My thoughts are cut off by the bell. "And please don't forget your books on Wednesday!" Ms. Hunter quickly reminds us. I grab my bag and walk out the classroom when I feel a hand pull my arm.

"What the hell!?" I move my eyes to see the person. It's him. "Let go of me." I try to tug loose of his grip, but it seems that his grip gets harder.

"What the fuck was that?" The words fall from his clenched teeth.

'What was what?" Hair falls onto my eyes.

""Your little bitch fit." By the tone of his voice, I could tell that he's beyond pissed.

"Let go of me." I growl.

"Not until you tell me." I turn away and try to tug loose again, but nothing is working. When I look back at him there's a big smirk painted on his face. "How about we go somewhere else and talk about this?" He offers. I nod, we walk down a hallway and enter a random janitor's closet.

"Talk." he leans against the door. "I'm not going to talk." I roll my eyes and begin to scan the messy closet. "Talk damn it!" He pushes me against a wall causing brooms and mops to fall on the floor. I tremble to his tone.

Don't fall into the trap Rosalie. My subconscious warns me.

"I said no!" I spit into his face and yell much louder. his body is now off of mine and he walks in small circles around the room while tugging his hair. He's ready to burst, his eyes are livid and the veins on his neck are starting to pop out. The bell rings signaling that this little tantrum is over. I sigh and walk over to the door. "Where do you think your going?" He blocks the door. "To class now move."

"Not until you tell me why you threw that little bitch fit!"

"Bitch fit? Ha, me throwing a 'bitch fit'" He's starting to get on my last nerve. "For all sake you're the one throwing a bitch fit!" My hands are bundled to fists on my sides. "Now leave me alone you asshole!"

"Why are you acting like this?" His tone is childish and he's laughing.

"Like what!?" Is this a joke to him.

"Like you're all tough." He starts to walk towards me. "Like you don't care." I start to walk backwards. "Becau-" I'm cut off by his hand being placed over my mouth. "Shh, I'm not done talking" My back hits the wall and he's moving closer. "Why do you act like you don't want me?" His voice sounds sinister. "Because I know you do." He coldly whispers into my ear. My head is blank and I could feel my heart rate dropping. I'm paralyzed. "Don't you miss these arms wrapped around your waist?" He tightly holds me. I start to feel weak. "Don't you miss these lips?" He begins to kiss me down my neck. I let out a soft moan and my breathing is heavy. "Don't you miss me?" His voice echoes through my head and for a moment I'm being pulled back into reality and I remember the reason why I hate him so much. His hands begin to scatter around my back. Rosalie stop it. My subconscious brings me back into reality. I grab his head and kiss him, once I'm done I bite his lip and let loose of his grip. "That's why." I grab my bag from the floor and open the door. I turn around just before I leave to take in his confused face. "Because you think I'm easy, you think that I want you. When right now you're the one wanting me" I give him a evil smirk. "And I don't want you." I pout and close the door. I hear bottles being thrown on the floor and him cursing. I smile to myself. Well done, Rosalie. I reach my classroom and walk in.

"Rosalie. I hope you have a good excuse for this!" Mr. Cenatar raises his eyebrow.

"I don't" I walk over to my desk. "Just mark me tardy." He huffs and looks back down to his book and begins to read. I look over to Josie.

"Where were you?" She whispers.

"Somewhere don't worry about it, won't happen again." I smile and catch up to the reader. For some reason. I feel that the old Rosalie is back, the real one. You know the one that didn't give a shit for anything or anyone.



"Where's the function tonight?" I loudly speak into the tiny speaker. "Ignite street?" I walk over to my coffee table and grab my car keys. "Alright see you there." I hang up and slip my phone into my pocket. My feet pace towards the front door. "Zayn where are you going?" I jerk back to face my mom. "You've been distant since last Friday." My mom asks while she offers me a cookie. "I'm going to a friends house." I walk out of the house in a swift movement and turn on my Camaro. Fuck her, fuck Rosalie. What is she trying to do play hard to get? For all sake I should be playing hard to get. She acts so seductively like if every guy on this fucking planet noticed her. Nobody wants to touch her curves or kiss her soft lips or even fuck the life out of her.

"Zayn you getting out?" My dirty thoughts fade away by a random girl knocking on the window. I nod and step out of my car. The old frat house brings back memories, there's always benefits on being friends with Freshman's in college. I make my way to the stoop and enter the steamy house. "Zayn glad you could make it!" My old friend Louis, greets me. "Nice seeing you man." Our hands connect. "Is this that girl Rosalie that Niall told me about?" I didn't notice that the small girl who knocked on my window was still next to me. "No I don't know who this is but that girl Rosalie, fuck her, she was clingy as hell. Don't need one of those." I smile and grab Louis' red cup. "They made her sound a like a keeper, oh well then, you want some weed?" Louis' voice slurs. "Yeah." But before Louis could tell me where to get it, the girl pulls me upstairs to a room. She walks over to a desk and pulls out a Ziploc bag. "You wanted some right?" I nod and take out a lighter from my pocket. She throws the bag and I grab a blunt. I feel her slim fingers caress my chest. "I could show you a good time." She slowly whispers into my ear, suddenly the music floods out and I see her drop to her knees. This is what I need. A distraction from Rosalie.


"NO!" I yell from the top of my lungs. My forehead is gleaming from the sweat and my chest is slowly falls and rises. I wipe away miswelcomed tears and place a pillow over my face. It was just a dream Rosalie. I slowly say in my head. It was a nightmare. Thank god my mom didn't hear me scream, I don't know what type of explanation I'd give her for my misbehavior. Having nightmares of my ex or ex-friend with benefits or whatever he was to me about to get a blowjob is not what I had for the idea of getting over him and making him want me. Ugh. I remove the pillow and shift sides on my bed. Go back to sleep, you can do it. I press my eyes harder together and drift back to sleep.


My alarm goes off and I open my eyes. Fuck, it's Saturday. I sit up on my bed and lay my head against the head board. Since, I'm already up I should make my mom breakfast. I walk downstairs into the kitchen and open the fridge. Halfway when I'm almost done cooking I receive a text from Josie.

Remember, movies tonight :)

I totally forgot our plans for today, damn it. I still have time to cancel, I should. No, stop it. Distract yourself, stop being depressed over a dumb ass guy who was only going to use you. That's what I need a distraction from Zayn.



(YAS YAS YAS. MAJOR SURPRISES COMING UP SO HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS ARE STILL UP FOR THIS FIC LIKE I AM :) I'm sorry that this is late, like really really late. But there's good stuff on the way. xoxo.)

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