Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


9. Chapter 8.

"Rosalie, please open your eyes." A small shriek enters my head. I recognize my mom's voice.


"We've been in the hospital since nine in the morning." I'm in the hospital?


"She's pulling through, her heart rate is going back to normal."


"There wasn't to much of a risk for her to die from pain killers."

"Thanks Dr. Gary, I was just scared because I didn't realize she passed out." I'm okay guys really. I just can't feel my body. "Look, she's trying to move." I feel swift air hit my face. "Rosalie baby please you're going to be okay, come back to me." My mom's voice isn't steady and I'm sure she's crying.


I wake up to the sound of a heart monitor.


I want all this pain to leave to vanish to go away. Yes I want that, I need that. I open my medical cabinet and grab any type of pain killers and stuff them into my mouth. I swallow it down with water using my rinse cup. What did I just do? "Fuck." Tears fall down rapidly after one another, what's done is done Rosalie.


"Ow." I press my palm to my forehead that memory is hell. I look around the dull room and find my mom sleeping on a recliner, I didn't even realize it's night. The name band on my hand is bothering me, I turn it around.

"Leal, Rosalie." My head rolls back, I can't believe I did that, what was I thinking. I rub my eyes and try to get up, but then my head swirls and I lay back down. My mom begins to move around and when she opens her eyes she literally jumps off the couch.

"ROSALIE!" She wraps her arms around me. I giggle and hug her back.

"Yeah?" Her face expression turns to a sour look. "I-I thought you were gone." Salty tears start to form on her eyes. "Mom, I'm fine. See?" I force a warm smile.

"Why did you do it?" She holds my hands together.

"All what's happening with dad got me overwhelmed." I lie. Wait that reminds me. "Did dad already get the surgery?"

"Yes he's fine now." I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in. "Does he know what I did?" A hint of shame is clear in my voice. "No."

"Good don't tell him mom I don't want him feeling bad for this." I look down to the white covers.

"You know a boy called you earlier-"

"I don't care." I growl. A bit of tension starts to grow in the air. "I mean I'm to sick to worry right now mom." I thank God when someone knocks on the door.

"Come in." My mom answers.

"Hi." The familiar sweet voice knocks the wind out of me. "JOSIE!?" She runs up to me hugging me while placing some balloons on the small coffee table. "Oh I forgot to tell you Josie was back in town." My mom joins the hug.

"When you'd get here?" I'm happy to see my old friend, Josie and I have been best friends ever since kindergarten. "Barely last night, I went over to your house and found out what happened." She hugs me once more and sits by my legs. "How was it?" I ask curious to know how she felt living in Europe. "Well it was fun and all but that's the last time I'm ever doing a foreign exchange program." We both laugh and enjoy the rest of the evening.


"Watch your step." My mom holds my hand while we attempt to walk on the stairs.

"Mom I didn't get in a car wreck or anything close to that, I'm fine really." She giggles and lets go of my hand.

"I was only trying to help." She frowns. "I'll go make lunch." I nod and head to my room. When I open the door light pours around the room. It's crazy to believe that I actually tried to kill myself in here. I sit on my desk chair and open the empty journal I bought three days ago. Maybe this could be useful. I could write my emotions when I feel confused instead of trying to kill myself. I find myself a pen and begin to write the date. Then I write my first sentence down.


Here's to a new start, a new start where I will no longer be the same, where I will stand up for myself, and change.


"So I was thinking maybe next Saturday we could go to the movies?" I turn to look at Josie while we walk down the school hall. "Yeah sounds like a plan." I give her a warm smile. "Alright I'll see you after class." We hug and she fades away into the rushing students. It's been at least three weeks ever since my "incident" and he's no where to be found not even in class. Maybe he moved or something I don't know, and I don't care. I clear my mind and I'm about to enter my classroom, when I hear his deep voice.

"Rosalie." Chills strike down my spine and I freeze in place. I slowly turn my face to look at him.

"Who are you again?" I don't know where I manage to pull this sentence but his reaction was priceless. "What do you mean?" He seems confused. "I'm sorry if you don't know this but I don't talk to bastards." I smile and enter the classroom, I'm sure his mouth is hanging open and to be honest he deserves it.


(So omg like finally right! I hope you guys loved it! xoxo.)

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