Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


8. Chapter 7.

"I'm craving it." I mumble under my breath. This science class is boring me to death. Just thinking of being high, makes me want to run out of here. I've been thinking of weed since the morning, and now that it's in my head I want it more than ever. I find myself texting Zayn, where I could get some for a good price.

"Come with me during lunch."

I reply yes and start to write the last of my notes.



"This is where you get it?" My voice in disbelief. "I thought you got it like behind the school dumpsters or even the gym but here?" His raspy laugh makes me giggle.

"A guy can't get weed in the parking lot?" I give him a warm smile. I roll my eyes and nudge him. "Okay whatever go get it!" I push him towards the black car. "Stay here." I nod and he goes into the old Lamborghini. Wait old Lamborghini, it couldn't be, I take a few steps away from the car enough so nobody could see me. Zayn knows Samuel? What if he tells him lies about me. I stop myself from thinking these things, I'm probably misinterpreting things maybe it's someone else. My eyes catch Zayn's quiff coming out of the car, I wipe away the wary look on my face.

"Got it." His caramel eyes meet mine. "Where are we smoking it?" I would guess under the bleachers. "My car." He points to the black Camaro that's five cars away from us. "Okay so um lets go." I speed walk to his car and go on the passengers seat side. "Hurry up." I impatiently tap my foot.

"Shit someone's eager." He laughs and purposely takes his time to grab his keys. "Fuck I lost them." My eyes widen. "Just kidding they're right here." I glare at him and he laughs while he unlocks the doors. "For a moment there I thought you were ready to chop my balls off." I laugh.

"I still can." A smug grin grows onto my lips. When he's done rolling the two blunts he hands me one and a lighter. I light it up and inhale taking in the pungent smell. My tense muscles relax and I recline the leather chair. A few minutes pass before Zayn begins to talk. "There's another party tonight." Memories of Zayn and I kissing in the closet flash into my head. "Where?"

"One of my old friend's house."

"Is it the same one from last time?"

"No, Niall got fucked up and his parents found him naked the next day in the backyard." We both laugh.

"Why naked?" My laugh is high and I think I just snorted.

"He doesn't remember, the last thing he does remember was getting laid." Zayn licks his lips and looks at my legs. I forgot I had a "skater" skirt on, I shift uncomfortably on the chair. "Oh." I can't make a sentence in my head, just the burn of his eyes on me makes me forget everything. "Can I kiss you?" His questions throws me off board.

"I don't know can you?" The joint seemed to have turned off, it was probably the thickness in the air. "Rosalie I really do..." He murmurs. You really do what? The question pushes itself through my head. "Do you know anybody named Samuel?" The name sounds sour while I say it.

"No, why?"

"Just wondering. Hey that person in the Lamborghini was it a boy or girl?"

"Boy, why?" His voice is starting to sound suspicious. "Just cause what's his name?"

"Um, I think it was Eugene."


"Yeah." I look out of the window trying to ease the awkwardness. I notice a gray BMW next to us, I think that's Uncle Dio's car. Suddenly the car starts on its own, holy shit he's coming.

"Zayn lets go in the back." My voice in a rush. "Why?" He seems to be awed with the smoke. "Just come on." I jump over to the back and pull him by his wrist. Its a good thing his back windows are tinted pitch black not like the ones in front that are a little more transparent. It got really quiet that I hear my Uncle's keys clacking together. "Hurry up." I pull him harder he's still struggling to jump over. "Oh shit." Zayn slips onto the whole backseat and he manages to pull me on top of him. "What the hell are you doing?" I whisper. By this time I hear my Uncle whistling. "Sh." He covers my mouth with his hand and smirks. I roll my eyes and try to get off of him, his free arm wraps around my waist and he tightens his grip. I hear Uncle Dio unlocking his car. I look down at Zayn, and his eyes seem to be lost on my face. I could feel my cheeks flush into a deep red and I have no choice but to lose my eyes in his. With a swift movement his hands are on my cheeks. "I really do like you.." Our lips slowly touch and the taste of mint and cherries please my senses. Our lips begin to work in perfect harmony, like if they were in beat, like if he were savoring every part of it, like if it was the last time he'd ever kiss me. His breathing is steady and fireworks are going off in my head. I'm pretty sure Uncle Dio left. His hand slowly slips into my red-blue plaid flannel, I could feel him searching for my bra strap. What the hell is he doing? I stop kissing him and jump off of him. "What the fuck?" My voice cracks.

"What?" His voice sounds confused.

"Did you really think I'd have sex with you just because you said you liked me?" Hurt obviously mixed in my voice. He stays quiet and I swear that stuck the knife deeper into my heart, I cough and jump back to the passenger seat. "Wait Rosalie!" I quickly open the door and run out. I should've known that's all he wanted. My head is swirling and my heart is aching. You're so dumb, this was so predictable, my subconscious taunts me. It was I always felt something deep down in my heart but I'd never want to admit it instead I ignored it.



"Rosalie, please come out of your room." My mom has been knocking my door for the last hour. I don't answer, instead I walk into my bathroom. I've been crying my eyes out since I got home and now my eyes are red and puffy. I want all this pain to leave to vanish to go away. Yes I want that, I need that. I open my medical cabinet and grab any type of pain killers and stuff them into my mouth. I swallow it down with water using my rinse cup. What did I just do? "Fuck." Tears fall down rapidly after one another, what's done is done Rosalie. My phone starts to ring and it's him, for a moment I think about answering it and telling him that if I die its his fault but why would it matter, he probably doesn't care. My feet drag along the tile and onto the carpet, I pull myself onto my bed and wrap my legs and arms around my pillow, and wait patiently for sleep to come.


(I hope you guys loved the chapter I've been so busy with school and I'm so sorry this is so so late but don't worry, I'm still writing xoxo.)

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