Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


7. Chapter 6.

"Be back before 11! It's a school night!" My mom yells out from behind me, I turn around from the stone path and put my thumbs up. Zayn's black camaro is parked right infront of my house. His face glows from the dark tinted window, he looks amazing.
"Hey." He warmly greets me while I sit on the leather chair.
"Sup." I reply the leather chair feels good on my skin.
"I hope your not mad at me?"
I raise my eyebrow.
"What for?"
"You know for asking you to come, I'm not using you I swear-"
"I'm fine Zayn." My hand touches the back of his palm. I quickly remove my hand and look down to my thighs.
He awkwardly coughs and starts the car.
"What's their names?" I try to change the mood.
"Elle and Fauna."
"How did Harry meet them?"
"I think at this party our friend Louis's house. One of them was like giving him a bl-"
"Okay gosh." I laugh out loud Zayn's never talked to me like that. He chuckles and stares at me, what is he thinking about? Not you. My subconscious mocks me. Shut up leave me alone for tonight. She's quiet now. His eyes are burning me, my head glances over to him.
"Why are you nervous?"
"I'm not nervous." How can he tell? I'm just trying to guess what will happen tonight.
"I can see it in your eyes."
"Zayn the light's green." I turn to face out of the tinted window.


"Hi I'm Fauna." The brunette proves to have a liking for Zayn and so does he. I thought he said he got the ugly twin but she's obviously the pretty one. Harry and Elle are bowling on the other side of the arena. I'm sitting by myself staring at the pepperoni pizza. If I don't move soon then it'll probably start talking to me and so will I.
"I want to bowl." The brunette scrunches her nose and gives Zayn puppy eyes.
"Right now okay." He smiles at her the way he smiles at me. Am I seriously getting jealous. Yes you are. My subconscious proves its point. I am but he's nothing to me so I can't claim him or anything. I want to leave so I decide to use the restroom excuse. I grab my hand bag and walk to the main door.
"Rosalie?" A familiar voice greets me. My eyes take in the person. It's him. It's Samuel.
"Samuel." I glance at him and walk away.
"How've you been." He's following me now. I don't even know where I'm going.
"Leave me alone." My voice is stern and cold, but he can't catch the fucking clue.
"I'll take that as a fine." He laughs obnoxiously. I roll my eyes and sit by a bench by the arena.
"Why are you such in a bad mood."
"Because you're here."
"Aw I'm sorry, want me to leave?"
Why is he mocking me.
"Get the fuck away from me."
He scoots closer to me and whispers in my ear.
"Still want me to fuck you senseless."
Fucking asshole. My eyes gleam with tears and my impulse makes me slap him hard across the face.
"You fucking bitch, get the fuck away from me, I don't want to see you prick, now get out of my sight before I make you wish you'd never say that."
The words pleasure me its everything I ever wanted to say to him. He stares at me in thought and then he laughs again.
"Fine I'm leaving you fucking SLUTT and don't worry I don't really want to fuck you I was just doing you a favor." He rudely remarks the words burn me and more tears fall. He walks away cooly. Like if this never happened he's a fucking monster. My sobs get louder and I cover my mouth.
"Rosalie?" His voice sings. He sits on the bench and I turn away.
"Why are you crying?" Zayn sounds so damn innocent, clueless that I can't ignore him.
"I don't like her I swear." I giggle to his answer.
"It's nothing I just met up with an old prick." His eyes widen and I could see his fists clutch.
"He's not worth it. Go inside ill wait here."
"I'm not going no where." His voice sounds completely convinced. "Please tell me." He whimpers. I nod my head no and clean some leftover tears.
"Why are you like that?"
"Like what?" My voice is defensive.
"You don't want me to figure you out to get close to you." Chills run down my spine. Because you're scared he's like the rest and him. My subconscious answers.
"I'm fine okay that's all you need to know." He gets close to me to close that my eyes are staring at his lips.
"I'll figure you out." His hands hold my cheeks and make our foreheads touch.
"Don't be scared." We're meeting eye to eye again. He slowly pulls me in to kiss him.
"ZAYN!" Me and Zayn let go and face the furious brunette. "You're my date!"
I nervously look around and walk away to his car. I could hear him telling the brunette that it was a misunderstanding. We didn't get to kiss even though I wanted to."Hey I'm sorry-" I cut him off by throwing my body to him. Making our lips roughly touch. His hands tighten around my waist and my legs tremble. His breath tastes like cherries and mint. We hit against his black camaro and my hands are tangled in his hair."You told me not to be scared? Well this is me not being scared." I say in between our kiss. His grip tightens harder, a groan escapes my mouth. "Where did this come from?" He asks, for a moment we stop kissing and I look him in the eyes. I slowly walk an inch away from him. "I don't know, I think I like you." My voice trembles on the last part. His warm fingers touch my chin. "Look at me." My eyes meet his caramel orbs. "You think?" His voice sounds hurt, unsure.

"No not like that- I mean- I do-" I mumble under my breath, does he actually want me to like him? His back faces me.

"I'm scared okay?" My right hand touches his shoulder. Zayn turns around quickly and looks at me confused. "Scared?" Disbelief in his voice. I flush and look away this is awkward.

"I won't hurt you."

"And that's the thing, they all say that and then they end up doing it." My eyes look into his.


"What?" I remark.

"I'll figure you out, I promise." He rubs my temples. "Take me home, please.



"Rosalie, wake up." I feel my mom's hand shake my leg.

"What time is it?" I yawn while stretching. "It's 6:30."

"Mm." I turn my face to the other side of the pillow. "Rosalie can I ask you something?"


"That boy, was that you're friend you left with from the hospital last time?"

"Yes, mom." Why is she concerned? I mean I would be too, I wouldn't let my daughter leave with a guy with a punch of tattoos and piercings. But then again I am the irresponsible Rosalie.

"Are you still a-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, YES MOM, please." I cringe of the thought and grab a pillow to cover my ears. She laughs and rubs her hand down my spine.

"Good, now get up." She closes the door, can't wait to start out this day.


(SUPPPPPERRR LAAATE sorry love you guys though, school and stuff ugh complicated hope you guys enjoyed :) x.)

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