Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


6. Chapter 5.

"It was an impulse Zayn!" I laugh while we get out of the closet.

"That wasn't an impulse Rose." My eyes widen a bit and my body stiffens.

"My dad calls me Rose." My eyes start to get watery. Memories of us going to the park flash by.

"I'm sorry." He looks down and scratches his head. "Its okay." I mumble. He tries to get closer but a random girl stumbles into the room. She has black hair, her eyes are green, she's light skinned, and she has a tattoo sleeve on one of her arms. Her eyes clear from the redness surrounding it when she looks at us.

"What the fuck Zayn? Get out of my room." Her room? Is this Niall's sister? It couldn't be I mean he's a jerk and all but she seems worse.

"Viv nice to see you too." Zayn pulls me out of that room in a sweet second.

"Is that Niall's sister?" I instantly ask. He chuckles.

"No she's just a friend." Friend what the hell? "Why does she live here?" Did Niall get her pregnant or something? I'm jumping to conclusions now.

"Long story short she got kicked out from home, the Horan's took her in." He gives me another warm smile. What's up with all the 'warm' smiles being thrown at me. I really don't give a shit. I take my phone out and look at the time, eleven.

"Can you take me home?" I ask Zayn as we go back downstairs. The music begins to flood out his voice.

"What?" I try to yell. He just nods and pulls me towards the door. After he said goodbye to a few people, he took me straight home. When we pull up to my house, he grabs my hand. His look is wary.

"I know you probably don't want to tell me, but what's going on with you?" He looks down and scratches his head, probably a habit of showing he's worried.

"He's sick, real sick." My voice starts to crack. His head shoots up.

"I won't make you tell me more." I face out the window. The tinted window makes it hard to see. A few minutes pass before he talks again.


"Hmm." I softly mumble while I try to count the stars above.

"I hope he gets better." His voice is so soft it's music to my ears but, could this 'bad boy' actually care. Hopefully because I'm starting to. "Thanks." I climb out of the shiny Camaro.

"Goodnight." He whispers. I don't even think I was suppose to hear that. I reach my stoop and ring the doorbell. My mom opens the door, I see the ugly violet robe my Grandma gave her last year through the screen door.

"Where's your friend?" She yawns.

"She's going home." I respond while I see the Camaro disappear.


"Mom I'm home." The front door closes behind me, the house seemed empty. "Mom" I hear my voice echo through the house. "Damn it where'd you go?" I look around the whole house and it is empty. Something thing tells me to go out the backyard door. I don't want to, I don't know why, but I just don't. "Rosalie?" My head shoots up. "YEAH WHERE ARE YOU!" I yell to what seemed to be my mom's voice. "Come here." The voice drags me to the back door. I slowly turn the cold knob. As soon as the door opens there's a bunch of snow falling and the cool breeze sends chills across my body. "There." The wind pushes me toward a gravestone covered with snow. My hand gently wipes the snow off to read the letters.


Samuel Leal

August 31, 1971 - October 17, 2013

A beloved husband and father.


"What no!" I felt the cold air hit my lips. "NO!NO!" The louder I tried to scream I couldn't, my throat got tighter and I held it trying to push the words out. I tried to scream louder but they came out as whispers.


"ROSALIE!" A faint voice calls me out of my nightmare. "NO!NO!" I try to wiggle out of whatever's holding me. I feel layers of sweat covering my whole body.

"It was just a nightmare." I concentrate on the blur that's above me grooming my hair.

"Mom?" I crack. The tears unwelcomingly fall quick down my cheeks.

"It's me baby." She pulls me up to hug her. I hug her so tight I hear her gasping for air.

"You feel better now?" She asks. I nod and pull my knees to my chest, I dig my face into the tiny space it provides. "What was it about?" She shifts to her other hand.

"Dad. His grave. The death date that was written is on Monday." The words taste disgusting on my tongue while I say them aloud. She doesn't say nothing but hugs me. "He'll be alright." I feel some warmth gain into my heart. I don't know what I'd do without my mom, she's my best friend. The one who'll always make me feel better, the one who will never betray me. "Promise?" I sniffle. "Promise." She stays in my room and I feel her watching me sleep. Soon enough I'm sleeping again.



"Kiss me." Zayn's voice whispers in to my ear. "Why?" I smile and walk away. He twirls me around with one hand. "You know that I love you, right?" I nod and grab his collar. "And I love you." I cup his face and kiss him. His lips taste like cherries. I feel his hands reach my waist and I tremble. "I'm not going to hurt you." He assures me and I smile. He spins me around and I laugh with joy clear in my voice. "I love you so much..." His voice begun to disappear.



A ray of sunlight hits my eyes, which makes me wake from my dream. I stand up and stretch. The clock on my dresser reads 9:05. I grab my phone and browse my social media and then a message that I really wasn't expecting came in.


Good morning, hope you slept well, I know I did.


Clearly I thought Zayn meant to send this to someone different. But I mean did he actually dream about me? Like how I dreamt about him. Nope not possible he practically has girls feeding off his palm. What makes me think I'm so special. I'm just his pot buddy. Whoa that sounds as terrible as it's said. I reply quickly.


Yeah I did, and good morning.


I smile ear to ear when he instantly replies.


What are you doing today?


Nothing, why?


I kind of sounded desperate from the text I just sent.


Me and Harry are going to the movies later, and he's bringing these twins along and I'm getting the ugly twin :(


I laugh to the message, how cute he wants me to go. Wait, am I seriously smiling at my phone all alone in my room, to some text messages from a guy I met only four days ago. Yes, I am. But I think this is how it feels to have a friend right? Yes except the kissing part. My subconscious taunts me. About the kiss, it wasn't an impulse. I wanted to kiss him like desperately wanted to.


And you want me to what about this???


I taunt him even more.


PLEASE come with me.


I laugh real hard that I have to hold my stomach for a minute, should I go? Just tonight, I promise that this will be the last time I hang out with him for the week, even though it is Sunday- okay whatever I'm going.


Fine. Just tell me around what time.





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