Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


4. Chapter 3.

My feet impatiently walk as fast they can, when I reach the admin office the bell rings. Shit. I turn around on my heel.

"ROSALIE!" Someone yells. I turn to see the person and of course it'd be my uncle.

"Hey." I awkwardly say, I look at the ground and try to count the cracks on the sidewalk.

"Where, have you been?" Tension grows in the air, I hold my hands.

"What do you mean?" I give a wary expression. He looks at me, with a "I'm not stupid look".

"Rosalie." He starts to tap his foot. "I've been no where, I've been in school." I try to sound confident. I look around but there's only students walking around to their cars or buses.

"Well got to go." I half smile and make my way to the main gate. I could feel my uncle staring at me but I'm ignoring that for right now. "I'll find out." He yells, I think he's threatening. I smirk at the thought. I make my way to my house and when I get there my mom's waiting for me in the car. She beckons. I walk over to the car and she lowers her window down.

"Where are we going?" I ask. "Where going to see dad." I run to the passenger seat. Finally I've been wanting this for the longest. To see my dad. I lean my head against the window the whole drive, thinking about how it's going to go. Will he be conscious, will he want to see us, will he be happy. My mom rests her hand on mine. She warmly smiles at me. "Rosalie. You know this is the last time you'll see him before the surgery." So we're doing the surgery after all. I nod. My eyes start to get watery. Hopefully he's strong enough. We arrive at the hospital and walk into the lobby, it smells like medicine and pine sol.

"Leal. Samuel Leal." My mom tells the receptionist lady. She smiles and directs us to the fourth floor, the last room to the right, room number 102. I desperately harass the elevator button, this is the longest seconds I've ever lived through. Finally the elevator dings, and its door opens. We get to the floor and I look for 102.

"99.. 100.. 101.. 102." My mom counts.

Before we enter I hear him cough. From what is revealed through the thin window, I could see the end of the hospital bed. I twist the metal knob and look down as my mom follows. When I look up he's already looking at me, smiling.


"Hey Rosie." He tries to smile. He's pale but at the same time he looks green, the bags under his eyes make him look forty times his age, he looks weak. I pace over to hug him.

"Whoa, not to hard Rose." I half smile. "Sorry dad." I nuzzle into his chest, he gently smooth's my hair out.

"I've missed you a lot." He weakly speaks. I want to tell him to stop talking but I could see that's not going to happen. "Me too." I pull away so that my mom could hug him. I put my hands in my back pockets, and look around the plain hospital room. At least he has a TV. I could hear my mom sniffling. "When will they do the surgery?" She asks him.

"Tomorrow around nine in the morning."

"What?" I rapidly cut off. "Why so soon?"

"My liver is getting worse." His expression is neutral, not even worry flashes in his eyes.

"Everything will be alright." My mom assures me. That consoles me a bit.

"I'm going to get something from the cafeteria, want anything?" I offer. My mom nods no. I leave the room, and walk down the creepy hospital hallway. This hospital gives me the creeps. I look down to the white tile, and try to not step on the lines that separate each other. I look around the cafeteria, and grab a yogurt with granola. The lady with a hair net rudely hands me my change. I glare at her and make my way back. Before I reach the room, I hear faint voices talking in front of my dad's room.

"Doctor what's so important that you need to tell me?" I hear my mom's familiar voice.

"Mrs. Leal, how may I put this...." I try to press my ear closer.

"There's a twenty percent chance that, Mr. Leal won't make it."

"What?" I could hear my mom's voice betray her.

His words repeat again and again through my head like a broken record. This is fucking impossible, my heart starts to ache, my head begins to swirl, my eyes betray me and tears fall down my face fast. What? Before I knew what I was doing, I'm in front of the doctor and my mom.

"What do you mean? He won't fucking make it." I sob.

"Rosalie calm down."

"No, mom, no I won't calm down." I wipe away the tears with my thumb. "Well answer me." I impatiently tap my foot.

"His liver is to weak, we're scared that he won't hold on." I start to choke.

"I need air." I run outside.

"ROSALIE, PLEASE COME BACK!" My mom yells. Hopefully no alarm went off when I open the door because, I just don't care if it's an emergency exit, all I need is to leave now. Anywhere, but here. The cold air hits me like a bat, it feels cool against my skin. I slowly breathe in and start to cry again. Why now? When things were going so good. When I was actually happy. Of course it'd be now. I stick my hand in my pocket and feel a crumbled paper, I take out the paper and try to straighten it out.


724-9731 call me whenever you need me. Zayn x.


Maybe I do need him, I mean, I don't want to be here. We could probably get high, yeah that's what I need. Just a little bit won't hurt. I don't realize what I'm doing until my finger is dialing his number. I walk in a small circle before he answers.

"Hello." His voice sounds heavy with sleep.

"Zayn." I try my best to sound like I wasn't just crying.

"Whoa, Rosalie? Are you okay?" Relief goes through my body this is going better than I had expect to.

"Zayn I need you now." I try my hardest not to sound desperate.

"Where are you?" He sounds concerned. That's good right?

"Community Hospital."

"I'm on my way." He quickly hangs up. Good. Wait? What did I just do?





( sorry if its short but I'm really tired, and I wanted to give you guys something to read.)


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