Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


3. Chapter 2.

As soon as I get back to campus. The bell rings. I walk over to one of my most favorite classes, History yes I'm a nerd. I walk in 1 minute late after the bell rings. "Ms. Leal, take a seat please." Mrs. Aguilar orders. I pace over to my seat. Right in the middle of the class. "Alright students!" Her voice loudly carries through the whole room. "Today will be one of the most horrific, disturbing, gross seeing lessons that you'll ever have!" Mrs. Aguilar has a smile on her face. I look at her confused just like the rest of the class. She always tries to make every lesson awkward it's probably her bad jokes. But I think that's why I like this class so much. "Let's begin one of the most nastiest warfares that happened in WW1 had to be Trench Warfare." She starts to explain, I pay close attention. "Some soldiers got trench foot, a nasty disease-" I glance over around the room, and spot him. Zayn? What the hell. I try to pay back attention to the lesson but I swear I'm imagining him right across the room. Or am I? "Pss. Zayn." I whisper as low as possible. He turns around and finally spots me, he smiles. Okay, I'm not imagining, I think? "Are you real?" He chuckles. "Of course I am, idiot." "Ms. Leal and Mr. Malik, I suggest you both be quiet or else you'll stay after school." Mrs. Aguilar scolds us. We both give her an innocent look and look down. She continues to ramble. I look at the clock. 30 minutes and school is done. My mind travels again. How is he in here? I swear I've never seen him in here. Well I really don't pay attention to anybody in any of my classes, but how can I miss spot him? I mean how didn't I catch his messy black hair. His perfectly outlined stubble. The ink on his body that swirls all over. The way his eyes glisten when the light hits them. The way his smile- wait what the fuck? Am I actually day dreaming about him? I cringe at my thought. Gross. I mean why am I going to lie he's really attractive- okay I have to stop. I thank god when the bell finally rings. I stand up and wait for the whole class to leave, I like being last. "Ms. Leal you were quite distracted today." Mrs. Aguilar reminds me as she stacks her papers on her small desk. "Yeah I'm really sorry." I apologize. "It's fine, just get your head out of cloud nine for the next lesson." She warmly smiles, I do the same. "Have a good weekend Mrs. Aguilar." I say while I walk out the door. "You too." As I walk out I feel someone pull my hair. I turn around. "Zayn? I thought you left?" I ask. "No I was waiting for you." He answers, I flush. Hopefully he can't tell. "Oh, did you have this class since the beginning?" Hopefully I'm not bothering him with my questions. "Yeah." He smiles. "Really? What the hell I've never seen you!" I say a bit to high. I nudge him on the shoulder. "I've seen you." His words make my stomach turn and I know for sure my cheeks are red. "Oh." Is the only thing I manage to say. He smiles. "I have to go now." I awkwardly wave and make my way to the main gate. That was weird. I thought. I rush home I plug in my headphones and walk at a semi fast pace. I make it home, and I could smell pastries from my house. Can't wait to bite into that. I unlock the front door and let my bag fall onto the ground. "Mom I'm home." I yell, my voice echoing from the walls. "In the kitchen." She replies. I walk over to the kitchen and grab an apple from our fruit basket. I sit in the little island. "What are you baking?" My munching is too loud. "Oatmeal cookies." She smiles like she's proud. "My favorite." I carry on. "I'll be upstairs if you need me." I tell her. I walk up the stairs while my hand slides on the hand rail. My room is right down the hall, I open the door and I could feel the light bouncing off the pastel blue walls. I let myself fall into my bed. I stare at the ceiling for a good minute. Today was amazing. He was amazing. Okay seriously Rosalie you need to stop, my subconscious reminds me. After what happened last time with this other guy I'm not sure I can trust any of them. And by any of them I mean not even Zayn. But then again were just friends. I fight with my subconscious. But one thing leads to another. She fires back. But I'm tired of being alone. She's quiet now. I sit up and let my head rest on the head board. My eyes get blank. And the memory replays again.

"Come on baby I love you. Do it please?" Samuel begged. "I don't know, what if my parents find out?" I cringed at the thought. "Then I'll be there." He smiles while he runs his thumb over my cheekbones. He looked at me with clueless eyes. "Okay, fine." I agreed. He sneaked me out of my room. I agreed to go home with him, I wasn't thinking straight, I just wanted to be away from my parents. We got in his old Lamborghini. It took us a while to drive to his house. "I'll be back." He gave me a small peck and ran into his house. He took some time to get back but when he did. He lead me into his room. "I promise you'll like it." He pushed me against the wall and we began to roughly make out, his hands were on my waist and he then lowered them to my bum. He squeezed it and I moaned. His head traveled to the crook of my neck and he left wet kisses. Love notes, I'd call them. My hands were lead to his hair and I started to pull I earned a moaned. I jumped and I placed my legs around his torso while my butt rested on his hands. He slowly walked over to his bed, and set me down. "I want you so bad Rosalie." His eyes were filled with lust. "Fuck me senseless." I managed to say. He started to pull off my jeans, when I noticed a red flashing light coming from his desk. Everything was a blur but I tried to concentrate on the red light. Finally I managed to see a video camera. He was recording this. "I'll be right back baby, I'm going to put a condom on." He left the room and I stood up to see the camera, he was recording this. His phone then lit up. It was a text message. From someone named Issac.

"Bang her before one and we'll double the offer."

My heart broke. Tears filled my eyes. All I wanted to do was pull my hair out. I quickly managed to get the chip off the camera. I put my pants back on. And I ran away. I fucking hated him. I convince myself everyday that I do. He used me. He said the most perfect things. But I was a game.

Tears fill my eyes once again. The next day of school was miserable. He told me to fuck him. And I said no. He promised me that he'd ruin me and that's exactly what he did. He told everyone that I begged him for sex. That I wanted him. All day I was called rude things. Slutt, mess up, tramp, skank, whore. I came crying home. I didn't dare tell my parents what had happened between the both of us. I was ashamed. I'm stronger now in away. I'm not letting this ever happen again. Not to me. The rest of my day consisted of me studying for
Chemistry's test next week. But he was in my mind. The whole fucking time. Zayn his name even sang for its own damn self.

My alarm goes off. My eyes flutter open. I press the snooze button. Five more minutes. I beg. I finally decide to wake up I pull on some jeans, tug over a plain white shirt, and pull my hands in a purple flannel. I look under my bed for my black high top converse. I put them on and go down stairs. The scent of bacon invades my nose. My stomach rumbles. "Morning buttercup." My mom's always happy. "Good morning mom." I yawn. She looks at me with wary eyes. "Everything fine?" I sit on a chair by the island and nod. "Yeah just tired." I shrug. She looks at me with a confused look. "Want eggs?" "Yeah."
We talk a bit. I kiss her goodbye and walk to school. Once again the bells rings when I get there. I walk over to my first period. English. I sit on my seat. I'm pretty early. I take out my journal and start the daily paper. The class period went by fast. I pace through the hallway when I feel someone tap my shoulder. It's him.
"Zayn!" His eyes widen. "Someone's excited to see me." I chuckle. I nudge him on the shoulder. "Shut up! What's up?" He grabs my hand. "Come with me." I look down at the intertwined hands. "Oops, sorry." He quickly lets go, I feel like an idiot my mouth was probably hanging out low. "It's fine. Where?" He looks around side to side then comes close to my ear. "To the football field." He whispers.
"The football field?" I croak, he looks at me concerned. He leans again. "I promise you'll like it." I step back and see his face change into Samuel's. "Rosalie?" His face went back to normal, I rub my temples. "Sorry, yeah let's go." We walk out hoping nobody notices us. Well at least I hope. We laugh the whole way and sit under the bleachers. He takes off his backpack and opens it. "Wa la." I lean over to see what's in the bag, there's a lot of weed. Dime bags. "Let's start." He smiles, I feel my stomach turn. Don't do it my subconscious warns me. You don't own me I fight back. I love doing the contrary. I love the risk. He starts to form them into joints. "When did you first try weed?" He laughs. "When I was eight." I choke. "Eight!?" He laughs at my reaction. "Yeah eight, I had some friends who were older, I wanted to be older." I shake my head. "I tried it eighth grade year." "Swear!?" I nod. "You don't seem like the pothead type." He does the shame finger, I roll my eyes and nudge him. "It's alright baby cakes, I don't seem like the pothead type either." He tries to console me. I spit out laughing. "That's a damn lie." He passes me the dope and takes out a lighter. "Watch this." He does some cool tricks with the smoke. I slowly inhale and exhale. I frown. "I can't do that." "You will baby cakes." I feel butterflies in my stomach and my cheeks getting warm. "Don't call me baby cakes." I turn opposite from him. He pulls my arm more than once. "Nope." I smirk. "Come on...... baby cakes." He keeps on pulling. I finally turn back around. "What grade are you in?" I ask, I've been wondering forever. "I'm a junior, you?" "Sophomore." "Go figure." He rolls his eyes. I laugh. "Okay, whatever." I lay on the cool grass and keep on smoking. I exhale and watch the smoke dance. He lays down next to me. "This is nice." "What is?" I ask. "Relaxing, peace and quiet." His voice is neutral. I could tell he's going in that state, I'm not far from it. "It is." I agree. Everything gets slower. I wave my hand in front of my face there was four hands and the fingers had eyes. I giggle. "What?" He looks at me confused. I turn to face him. "You have three heads." I laugh even more, he starts to laugh. "Your laugh is contagious." He holds his stomach. I laugh harder feeling my abs tighten. "Your cute when you laugh." I compliment. "You too." We both look at each other seriously. I can't take him serious I start to laugh again. "Shut up." He pushes me farther from him. "No you shut up." I get closer. "Make me." I take the challenge I place my hand on his mouth, he licks my palm, and I furiously wipe it against my jeans. "Eww Zayn." He laughs harder. "Sorry baby cakes." I look down at my joint. Shit I'm done with it. "What time is it?" He takes out his phone and squints his eyes to look at the tiny screen. "One thirty one." My stomach drops. "We get out at two thirty!" Fuck I've been here since nine. Time went by fast. "I have to go." I stand up rapidly. "Aww baby cakes." He pouts. "I'm sorry Zayn but I need to leave now." I pick up my bag and try to walk but I stumble. "Here this is my number I mean if you still want to hang out?" He looks down, I take the number quickly and shove it in my pocket. "Bye Zayn." "Bye baby cakes." I turn around he's laying down with a joint in his mouth. I smile, I want to do this again.



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