Rosalie, 15 years young, is a sophomore in high school, she's one troublesome girl, but gets worse when she meets a junior, Zayn.


2. Chapter 1.

"Miss Leal! Please remove your feet off the desk!" Mr. Alkema yells. "Why?" I play along. He breathes in slowly. "Miss Leal, please?" I feel a smirk growing onto my lips - this satisfied me in a strange way. "No." I could see I'm pushing him over the limit. "1... 2..." He counts. The class is quiet, and the teacher and I are now practically having a staring contest. "That's it! OUT!" Anger flashes in his eyes. I giggle. I stand up slowly and grab my bag, before I open the door I get a class full of "O's" and "U's". "My pleasure." I mumble beneath my breath. As soon as I was out of that annoying room, I hear obnoxious laughs from the classroom. I sigh. The hallway was pretty dead today there's at least a couple by the water fountain almost eating each other out, or maybe even a few T.A.'s going around the whole school sending memos' but today it was quiet. Finally I reach the admin office, I walk in and nobody seems to be surprised with my presence. "Hey Claire." I say to the principal's secretary. "Rosalie! Already?" Ms. Fawn didn't seem surprised but she was playing the part. "Oh shut up Claire, is he in there?" I ask. "Like always." She says sarcastically. I open the door which leads to a crammed office, I walk over to the two shiny leather chairs, I let myself fall into one. "Sup," I pop the p. "uncle Dio." The office chair slowly turns around. "Hi Rosalie, and that's Principal Leal for you." He gestures to the plack with his name with gold letters. "Okay. Either way, what are you up to?" I shift in the chair. "Where are you coming from?" He sternly says. "Mr. Alkema, he's so much fun to mess around with." I laugh to the memory of him counting down. He raises an eyebrow. "Rosalie, you know this is sort of becoming an everyday thing?" "What is?" "You coming down here almost every class period." His serious face is now confused. "It's fine." I try to assure him. "No really its not." He snaps, he's getting worked up for nothing - really. "Don't you ever consider being... I don't know..... nice?" He looks at me with a wary expression. "Uncle Dio, how can I put this, NO." I over say the "no". "Well then I don't know what to do with you! I think its time to tell your mom." He warns. "NO! You cant do that, not what's happening with dad right now!" I cringe at the thought of my mom finding out my problems. "Well then, you should consider being NICE." I'm about to defend myself, but the lunch bell cuts me off. "Whatever." I stand up and leave the office, making sure to slam the door so that it could make the tiny office shake. Ms. Fawn stands up rapidly and looks at me with terror in her eyes. "Everything's fine." I reassure her. I leave the admin office and head over to the snack bar, I buy some chips and a Gatorade and walk out to the football field. I don't have any friends, I'm kind of a lone wolf. I sit on the stale bleachers and begin to eat my chips. What is it with everyone wanting me to be nice. I mean come on, do I really have to? I seriously hate people. It's probably because I've been bullied and now I'm scared as hell to talk to anyone. But I'm fine I don't need friends to be happy. My phone vibrates which cuts my thoughts off. I look at the small screen and answer. "Yes, mom?" I answer. "I'm not interrupting anything?" She asks almost whispering. I laugh. "No mom, and you whispering wouldn't make it any better." I tell her. "Okay good." She giggles. I miss her angelic voice. "So what's up? Why are you calling." I swear I could hear her smile turn into a frown. "It's your dad." My heart stops. "What about him?" I say to quickly, I could hear her hand tense. "They want to do a liver transplant." She says calmly, how is she so calm! "NO! MOM, NO!" I feel my voice choke. "You're not letting that happen right?" I feel the unwelcome tears fall, onto my cheeks. "Rosalie, it's the only way he could get better-" She tries to explain. "I SAID NO I DONT WANT THAT!" I cut her off. "Rosalie its not about what you want its about his health! Now stop being so selfish!" The words burn me. But it's true I can't be so selfish not now. "I know, I know, I get it, mom just do what's right for him." I hear her sigh in relief. "I love you Rosalie, I have to get back to work okay just thought I'd tell you before anyone." She tries to console me. "And I appreciate that, love you mom." I hang up. I let my sobs run wild. "FUUUUUCK!" I yell out to the empty field. Memories of that night flash into my head.


"Daddy! Please stop!" My small hands tugged at his arm. "You're hurting mommy!" I cried, throwing a tantrum, it was the only thing I knew how to do. But he seemed to ignore it. He was drunk and I remember my mom getting beat the hell out of her that night. "DADDY!" I didn't give up, I grabbed his bottle and threw it to the ground, he turned around fast, furiously, and I was sure he was ready to do the same. But he stopped, he fell to his knees. "I'm sorry baby." He tried to hug me, put I pulled away. "No! Don't touch me!" I sounded much older for a seven year old. He began to whimper. My mom slowly stood up - guessing she was trying not to hurt herself as she attempted to stand. We left my dad alone and went off to my Aunt's. I remember my mom crying and my aunt telling her it'd be alright.

After that night, everything changed we left him. Then gave him an opportunity - she loved him and still does. He vowed never to abuse any type of alcohol. And he did keep his promise. But its just now that everything is taking place. Three days ago he was complaining about some pain in his stomach - his liver of course - we took him to the doctor's and the doctor told us he had to do some studies as well as exams. And here we are. My thoughts are cut off as I hear someone cough. I look around and then realize the noise came from down the bleachers. I see a boy around my age with forest black hair, ink on his body, and soon enough his caramel eyes meet with mine. "Hey." He smiles while he inhales. He then starts to form "O's" with the smoke. I cough at the nasty smell. Pot. "Want some? Looks like you need it?" His voice is neutral. I get a bit offended on what he said, but I really careless. "Sure why not." I grab the joint, and inhale, I cough. "You did it to fast, do it slow savor it." I do what he says and this one came out better. "What's your name?" He sighs over exaggerate. "Rosalie, yours?" He giggles, by now I get the vibe that he's in his own world. "The names Zayn." He coldly says. "What's wrong baby cakes?" I laugh, nobody ever calls me "baby cakes". "Nothing." I say while I reach out for the dew. "You sure were throwing a tantrum." He mocks. "You know its none of your business." I say in a harsh tone. "Whoa calm down there tiger, if you don't want to tell me you don't have to." He chuckles, he puts his hands up in defeat. I roll my eyes. "Whatever I'm leaving thanks for the share, I guess." I begin to walk towards the field, but I feel his hands place on my wrists he spins me around. I bang my fists into his chest. "WHAT THE HELL ZAYN! LET GO OF ME!" I yell. "Yeah baby scream my name!" He laughs and I cant help to join. "That's really immature." I smile. He leans in to try to steal a kiss, but I dodge it. "Wow, someone's cocky just because they're high." He laughs. I get the chance to knee him in the balls. "OWW!" His mouth shapes into a perfect "O". I begin to run away but he yells. "WAIT!" I turn around and put my hands on my thighs. "WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW!" I yell back. "HOLD UP!" He catches up to me. "Sorry about that." He apologizes. "It's fine I guess, I mean no one can resist me." I flip my hair slowly. We start to laugh. Then it got awkward. "Well, bye Zayn." I give him a sweet smile. "Bye Rosalie, we should hang out ya know!" His eyes get full of excitement. "Sure, sure.." I smile one last time and walk back to campus.




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