Things can Change

This is a story about a girl named Ky and five guys that change her life forever...(it may be one direction it may not be)


2. School

A/N hey guys! My co-author, Alyssa23, is writing this chapter. I hope that you like it, and read through all of it. Please leave comments and fan us!!!! ♥♥♥

       Most people, as juniors in high school, don't think about graduation, not like I do. I count down the seconds until I can leave this odious void.  Once that diploma is in my hand I am head off to only God knows where. " MS. GRACE", screamed my first period teacher Ms. Luminutty. I am pretty sure Ms. Luminutty is at least seventy eight years old, 376.5 lbs, and 4'5". Also the worst teacher to exist in all of humanity, time, and space. Seriously, cave men could be better at teaching than her no doubt. She taught U.S. History and how not to be a teacher. " Will you please explain to the class why  independence day is when it is. Or would you rather take detention?" She asked as always. "Detention ,please." She goes to her desk and rapidly searches, but instead she says " well, it seems that all of my slips are gone ,lucky you." I look over to my left and realize that Tony McAdams took the remaining detention slips and carefully put them in his bag. I was really looking forward to detention instead of cleaning and starving. The bell finally rings at 9:40 am. I have Honors english with Mr. Pontmercey who believes I am great and really likes me. He's the only person I like in this idiotic town.

--12 hours later--

        As walk out of the shower and put on my pajamas I can hear the sound of the key in the lock turning. Just as the door is opening I race down the hall into my bedroom. I quickly turn out the lights and lock the door. I tip toe to my bed and pull the covers over my head and fall asleep as my family comes home from dinner. That night it wasn't hard to fall asleep like it usually is.

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