Things can Change

This is a story about a girl named Ky and five guys that change her life forever...(it may be one direction it may not be)


5. Chapter 5

      "How is she?", Jonas asked " She's doing better except for some bruises she WILL show later." Paul retorted.

" Listen, there is something we have to tell you about." Tony said as he gestured to the rest of the guys. "We are here because-"

" I-I don't know what's going on h-here but I really need to l-l-leave and I don't want to stay with some complete strangers any more then I have too. So g-good bye and thanks for helping me." I said as I grabbed my stuff and tried to leave. Unfortunately, George and Lucias were guarding the only known exit. Jonas and Tony grabbed my forearms and sat me back in a chair. "Ow!", I screamed. They looked surprised at my outburst, and Paul saw the paper towel I put on my arm in the bathroom.

" I don't remember putting that on your arm.", Paul said staring at the paper towel. He slowly peeled the paper towel off of my arm. Everyone was watching now every no but me. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for what they were going to say.

" When and why?" Tony asked quietly from my right side.

" I did it when I-I was in the b-bathroom at school...I-I don't w-want to t-t-talk about why. "

" We are going to change this, and give a better life", Tony said. As I stood up from the chair.

"I don't think that will ever be possible", I say, darting out of the room and the house onto the lawn.

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