Things can Change

This is a story about a girl named Ky and five guys that change her life forever...(it may be one direction it may not be)


4. Chapter 4

A/N Heyguys!!! I am going to be the one writing this chapter, Alyssa23 and I shared the last chapter. Hope you guys like this one! ♥♥♥

-about 30 minutes of riding in a car later- 

We pull up to this huge house, it's like a mansion. George sees me staring at it, and grabs me by my waist intending to pick me up and carry me in. I quickly pull away, "I can walk." I snap, then take a quick step back.

"Umm...okay. This way." he replies awkwardly while gesturing towards the door. And staying behind me to make sure I go in. Once inside George shows me over to the living room and has me sit down on the couch while Lucias got the medical supplies for Paul to patch me up. 

"You guys r-r-really don't h-have to do th-th-this." I say, looking at my feet.

"It is our job Ky." Paul says, walking to me, "By the time I'm done with you, no one would ever be able to tell what they did to you today." he assures me, "Can you look up for me? I need to see your face." I do as he asks, hoping that they will not do to me what my father would if I did something wrong. I really do not need to have so many people beating on me. I'm not quite sure how I would live like that, I've already not lived because of what happens at school and at home...

"After you're done with her you both can come into the kitchen with us, okay Paul?" Tony says while he and the other boys walk out of the room, leaving me with Paul. 

"That's fine Tony, it might take a while though." Paul informs him, still working on my face. He takes a wet washcloth and tries to dab the cut under my eye(to clean it), but I pull away.

"Ky, I really need you to let me do this. It is the last cut on your face that I need to clean. So, please just stay still for at least one more minute. Then we can move on from there." He tells me, in a soft voice. 

"O-Okay..." I reply and let him finish.

-5 minutes later-

"Okay Ky, I'm done with your face. Can you take off your jacket for me? I need to see the bruises on your arms." Paul says. I shake my head, refusing to take off my jacket. "Well why not?" he asks.

"Ummm...I-I'm really c-cold..." I lied quickly. Hopefully he believed me. 

"Okay...Let me know when you're not cold anymore. I WILL see your bruises after that. Okay?"I just nod my head. "Okay, follow me. The boys want us to meet in the kitchen." and we both get up, he ushers me to the kitchen door.

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