The More The Marryer

Carter and Emily are living in england. The two best friends want to go on an adventure to go see a one direction concert because they new them as a kid so they want to meet up with them. But will there journey.


1. missing you

Carters pov 

I sit on the end of my bed looking at some of my pichers of when I was yonger  it makes  me sad I to look at the pichers.i hear my mom call me down for dinner I put the  pichers back in my box and slip the box under ny bed I walk down the stairs and sit down. Mom after dinner can we talk I ask her .sure carter she says back to me. Mom are we having for dinner I ask well we are having pasta and some salad she said . When my mom said pasta I jump out of my seat  with eeximent.  After dinner we cleaned the and put all the stuff away so what was it thay you had to talk to me about my mom says siting down on  a chair pating on the one besude her telling me to sit down next to her.welll mom you know when we and emily where kids we where freinds with Harry Niall Louis liam   and Zayn I say she nods her head yes well I was looking at the pichers of us all together  and now they are in a band called one direction I say to her. My moms look at me with suprise on her face wow she said. So me and emily want to buy tickets to thair concert and also get vip pass to see them I  say to her. I dont know  carter  but it is you and emilys choice she say smiling at me. Ok I will text emily now and tell her.


       Carter: emily remeber when we where kids we had frenids named Harry Louis  Zayn Niall and Liam

         Emily: yes how chould I forget them I miss them :'(  

        Carter : well they are in a band now called one direction

        Emily :  thry are 

         Carter: yes we shoud go to there concert and get vip pass 

       Emily : yes  I will talk to my mom about it     

         Carter : tell me what she says 

        Emily : ok :) 


Emilys pov


I walk down the stairs to find my mom. MOM I yell . Yes she yell . Come in the family room I have to  talk to you I said ok coming she said. When  my mom walks in the room I tell her to sit she takes a seat beside me. Remeber when I was a kid I was frendis with Louis Zayn Liam Niall Harry  I said. Yes she said. Well now they are in a band called one direction. She gaved me a suprised look yes she said. Well me and carter wanted to go to see them in concert and get vip passes to see them can I please go. Ok emily you can go. Thank you I yell and give her a big hug I have to text carter now 



Emily: I can go :)

Carter : me too :) 


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