The More The Marryer

Carter and Emily are living in england. The two best friends want to go on an adventure to go see a one direction concert because they new them as a kid so they want to meet up with them. But will there journey.


2. buying tickets


OK lets go Emily we need to get tickets

 but i heard that they having a sale on lip gloss who cares Emily just lip gloss not that big but Emily i know what you will like if you buy tickets now we might catch a glimpse of them. Really!!!! yep but we got to go fast OK. OK lets go. when i walk down the street i see there tour bus i feel like i am gonna be sick because the last time i saw them they brought fish out and i puked all over Louis shoes. when we get  in side i see the cashier i ask him for two tickets and two VIP passes would you like to see them now for an extra $10 sure I say OK your total comes too $900 OK i gave him 1 five hundred dollar bill and 4 one hundred dollar bills OK let me go get them me and Emily screemed

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