Not You Again *Sequel of Lost and Found*

"They are your families now and you are going to live with us," she smiled. I looked at her and the family crazy. " No, im not you are crazy I am not stay here I got my own families instead yours!" After I said that I felt a smack on my left cheek. I whimper,'' You will not speak to me and your own family you hear me I took care of you since you were 14 years old and that family of your took care of you about 2 years. Now, we have you and you are going to like it you hear me?" She said I nodded and she went back smiling,'' Now, lets get you clean up before your brothers show to your room, come Luke.'' She grab his hand walked upstairs.


12. This Means War!!!


(Warning: Before you read it, there will be back and fort POV and it's might aggresses in this chapter.) 

Jessica Pov:

I am in pain everywhere in my body, its hard to stand up because Luke beat my legs like its no tomorrow cause I was trying to get away some more. Now they move to downstairs for my rebellion upstairs and I need to get out of here or the next time it will be in the basement.

I need a plan, I am in my room have window, but they block it. Today, Taylor and Luke is getting out the house for a Celebration for Luke's Promotion this is perfect and now I to get pass those so called 'brothers'.

I hear someone upcoming to my door with a knock and I mumble "come in" it was Taylor with a purple strapless dress and black pumps.

"Okay, you are staying here with your brothers, so be nice and no trying to leave out this house,'' Taylor demand. I nodded and she signed.

"We'll be back from midnight ok, be good,'' She said and kissed my temple leaving closing the door.

I got up slowly off the bed open the door with a crack hearing what they were talking about,'' Okay boys we're leaving right now and I want you three to watch your sister if she tried to escape again, if she did you beat her and wait until we get back ok,'' Taylor said. They nodded as Taylor and Luke left.

"Ok we have to take shift to watch her, I am going first, Fred you take the second, and Jay you take last shift," Sam said. The other nodded and went back what they were doing. 

This is going to be hard if I thought!

-Tonight at 11:00 p.m.-

I got my stuff that I need to prepare bat, smoke gun, night vision googles, gloves, ropes, a gaged. Let the party get started!

Sam Pov (surprised!)

I went to check on Jessica if she still there, I open the door seeing her sleep right now. I went over to check make sure I felt two hands cover my mouth and black out.......

Jessica Pov

I tied him up to the bed and put the gag to his mouth.

One down and two ago!

Fred Pov 

I was looking for Sam to see if it was my turn, I went to the kitchen if he was in there but he wasn't I shrugged and back I was doing.

I went to the family room on my iPhone video chatting my friend name Timmy, he moved Ireland a year ago.

"Hey man, how it's going," he asked.

"Nothing, just checking to see if was my turn to watch my annoying 'sister'," I said and he nodded.

We continued to talk about what going on until Timmy says as his eyes went wide," DUDE, HURRIED LOOK BEHIND SOMEONE IS THERE!"

Before I turn I was hit the back of my head and lights went off.....

Jessica Pov 

I tied him up to the chair and put the gag in is mouth and saw someone on the phone, I pick it up and saw a guy scare less.

"What are you going to do with him," the stranger asked.

"Oh nothing," I smiled evilly.

"I'm calling Jay," he said.

"You do that," I said sassily as I hanged up.

Two down and One ago!

Jay Pov

My phone was ringing if was a call from Timmy, I wonder what he wanted. I answered

"DUDE, YOU HAVE A PHYSCO IN THE HOUSE," Timmy yelled. I was confused.

"What I can't hear you say that again," I said.

"I said theirs a PH-," he said as my phone cuts off, that weird I make sired that charged my phone. 

I started to go to the home phone, but it was off too. I walked around the house the lights off too I think we power out but it's not ran raining outside, then I heard thunders never mind.

I hear noises from the kitchen I am thinking its Sam or Fred. I where it's still dark in the kitchen slowly don't want to step on something. I went downstairs the basement finding powers switch, when I found it the lights came on and I heard the door was clicked shut.

I knew I was in trouble....

Jessica Pov 

I have to make him quiet so I will make plans for Taylor and Luke. I locked the door behind me slowly stepping down the steps I can feel Jay is nerves.

"Who's there," he asked scarily. I came out the hiding place facing him.

"Was you have been doing technology, the light, and the cell phone," he said bitterly. I nodded smirk about he figure it out.

"Where are my BROTHERS?" He shouted.

"Still somewhere this house and you will never get to them, because I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU DOWN," I shouted back.

He ran to take a hit, but stopped the punch kneeled him in the stomach, he back up punch in the face and my fist in the stomach and the face, he cut me with his sharp nails before I know it that we were both bleeding, bruised, and panting.

I decided to end this I use one of my football move kick side air and hit him on the side the head as he was knock out. I was still in my fighting position and relaxed from exhaustion for the fight.

I tied him to the wooden pole and a gag in his mouth, then the clock hits to 12:00. I heard the front door open and closed as Taylor shouted," WE ARE HOME!"


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