Not You Again *Sequel of Lost and Found*

"They are your families now and you are going to live with us," she smiled. I looked at her and the family crazy. " No, im not you are crazy I am not stay here I got my own families instead yours!" After I said that I felt a smack on my left cheek. I whimper,'' You will not speak to me and your own family you hear me I took care of you since you were 14 years old and that family of your took care of you about 2 years. Now, we have you and you are going to like it you hear me?" She said I nodded and she went back smiling,'' Now, lets get you clean up before your brothers show to your room, come Luke.'' She grab his hand walked upstairs.


7. Kidnapped

I got up off Austin couch, groaning. I stayed the night after the Awards. Austin was already up, doing stretches.  I walked over to him and hugging him behind. I saw him smiling. "Let's goes eat breakfast!" Austin said smiling at me. I smiled. "Ok!"
I walked behind him to the kitchen. It was just us in his huge house. I grabbed an box of Coco Pops out of caniffnents and peeled it. I ate it a little at a time.
"It's already nine. Know what we should eat for lunch?" He asked. "Nandos!" I yelled . I needed to stop hanging around with Clover so much.
"Well, you wait here and change. I'll go get change." He said and ran off to upstairs. I got change into this
By the time we were done, we were headed to the car. "Lets go to your car!" I said. He nodded and we walked toward to it. We got in the car and started to drive to our desination.
We drove about 20 mins when I was admiring the window how everyone is playing football and playing on the playground.
Austin turn up the radio. "We are here?" He said, he got out and went over to my side handing me a hand. I felt like someone was watching me every move, but ignored the feeling. We walked in the place and I left Austin to get the food and I get the seats.
I closed my eyes for a while and inhaled the fresh food air goodish. I opened them and looked outside looking at people walking by the walking and talking.

I looked. My phone went off. I checked it to see a text from a number Unknown.
Hey Jessica it's Clover. 
I was getting weird/confused did Clover changed numbers or phones.

What happen to your phone? I replied quickly.
Oh, I drop my phone in the sidewalk and  broke to pieces.
I continued to look at outside. Then, my phone vibrated again and I looked at it.
Where r u?
At Nandos? Why?

Just checking. Hey, gtg ttyl!   That was weird.....
I went back and watch outside again. "Ok, here the food?" Austin said. I nodded and gave my food. We started talking about life. I getting the feeling that someone is watching me.

Finally, Austin and me finished our lunch and we got in the Corvette. "What do you wanted to you do?" Austin asked.  I shrugged and walked over to the car.
He unlocked it and we hopped in, driving to the Mall.  We pulled to the side of the road, stopping in front of the Mall.
I hopped out of the car and walked to the front door of the Mall with Austin in hand in hand. We wanted in the Store called Solicited. (A/N: Its fake). When I saw my old Friend named Kaitlin working (A/N: I just added a character, but she not in the story).

Austin and I walked front of the counter. "Hey, Kaitlin." I said to the young girl. "Oh hi, Jessica! How you doing and also your boyfriend?" she said with a smile. "Good, we just looking around now we were going to Austin's flats." I told Kaitlin.

We went upstairs to Austin's flats. "Lets watch a movie!" Austin said while he putting the in.
It was eleven and I finally made it home after a long day with Austin. "Mum? Dad? Tommy? Will?" I yelled. I walked into the kitchen and saw two notes on the counter.
Dad and I went on a date night. Go to bed! Love you!

Tommy and I went to the Party over Chad's House if you needed anything call us.
I went upstairs and got in the shower. I changed into my and walked downstairs to watch TV. It was the beginning of summer, so im not going to bed. I heard a noise outside. I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and walked down the hall, past the foyer, and looked into the peephole. There was five black figures. I turned on the intercom. "Who are you?"I asked. "Let me in, Jessica." the black figure said in a terrified voice.
"You better leave or I called the cops!" I yelled over the intercom. "Oh don't do that sweetie if you did then, We are coming in." The figure said dangerously. I swallowed and made sure all windows and doors were locked in my house. I then ran to my closet in my secret door and locked the door to it. I hid quietly and praying if they don't found me.
I heard a boom, and figured it was the door being busted open. I took deep breaths, silently crying. I took out my iPhone and texted my Parents, Brothers, Uncles, Aunties, The Girls, and Austin the same message: Someone has broken into the house! Help me!
I hope they see it. I not getting disappeared again. I heard yelling and footsteps. "Where is she!?" I heard someone yell, frustrated. I whimpered. "Boys look everywhere! She's gotta be around in the house!" I hide in the door. I heard my room door bang open. My eyes were wide open and my heart rate rose. "Luke, you check in the other bedrooms. Sam, you search the bathrooms. Jay, you check the livingroom. I'll check in this room. Fred check the basement." I heard a woman's familiar voice say.
I breathed slowly and tried to calm down. I heard her ripping the closet open. "Jessica sweetie, come out wherever you are!" her sang in that stupid British accent. She came closer to my secret door. I stayed still.
I screamed as my door was pulled wide open. "I found her! I got her! Hello, Jessica." My worsted nightmare Taylor said smirking. I glanced quickly at her and looked back up at him. I wasn't going without a fight. I jumped out of the door and ran into the living room of my room. The man named Luke was in there and charged for me. I kicked him in the balls and ran upstairs, Three boys and Taylor chasing after me.
I ran into the living room, heading for the front door. I ran right into one of the guys. I got up and  I continued to run. He ran after me. His legs were much longer than mine, and he held onto my arms, pulling me towards her. He saw my iPhone and grabbed it. "I don't think we should bring this." he said in a husky voice. I shivered at his voice, scary and terrifying. I kicked and screamed. "Shhh. Taylor is right. You are very stubborn." The other boys and Taylor came and helped him pick me up. I wouldn't calm down.
"Oh that's it!" Jay said impatiently. "I am so sorry, but we have to, Sam get the syringe." He smiled evilly.  My eyes widened and I kicked and screamed as much as I could. I was having five people trying to grab me.
The guy with brown hair and blue eyes plunged a syringe into my arm. I got dizzy and finally fell into a deep sleep...

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