Not You Again *Sequel of Lost and Found*

"They are your families now and you are going to live with us," she smiled. I looked at her and the family crazy. " No, im not you are crazy I am not stay here I got my own families instead yours!" After I said that I felt a smack on my left cheek. I whimper,'' You will not speak to me and your own family you hear me I took care of you since you were 14 years old and that family of your took care of you about 2 years. Now, we have you and you are going to like it you hear me?" She said I nodded and she went back smiling,'' Now, lets get you clean up before your brothers show to your room, come Luke.'' She grab his hand walked upstairs.


1. Jessica Louise Tomlinson

Bio: I'm crazy, fun, lovable, I liked to draw when I am bored, and I like One Direction and The Frays and I am really loud to when you get to know me. I got 2 sibling name Thomas(Tommy) and Willy(William).

Food: Carrots, Italian foods


My birthday is February 17th, 2012

Age: 16

Born; London

I got Asthma's. I'm doing football(soccer) for Dad's home town Doncaster. I designed clothes and I am the model working in my Mum's work. I have a boyfriend name is Austin Mahone!!!

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