Not You Again *Sequel of Lost and Found*

"They are your families now and you are going to live with us," she smiled. I looked at her and the family crazy. " No, im not you are crazy I am not stay here I got my own families instead yours!" After I said that I felt a smack on my left cheek. I whimper,'' You will not speak to me and your own family you hear me I took care of you since you were 14 years old and that family of your took care of you about 2 years. Now, we have you and you are going to like it you hear me?" She said I nodded and she went back smiling,'' Now, lets get you clean up before your brothers show to your room, come Luke.'' She grab his hand walked upstairs.


11. Clues?

Louis Pov:

We have been looking around for Jessica and we have no sign of her! The boys asking the 5SOS, Justin Bieber, The Vamp, Big Time Rush, and the other celebrities/Band. Everyone is depressed even Austin, he's taking this the hardest.

Will and Tommy keeps blaming their selves saying that they should stay at home instead of going to that party and Eleanor is crying because we just found her and we lose her again.

There were a knock on the door as Will opened it.

"I got a package for The Tomlinson's," The UPS man (A/N: I don't know they have that in London) said. I walked up to the man and asked,'' Who's it from?'' As I was signing the papers and gave them back to him.

"I don't know man, there wasn't an addresses on the package only yours,'' The UPS man said.

"Okay, Thank you so much,'' I said.

"Your welcome and have a good day,'' he said. I nodded as he left I closed the door.

"What's it Dad?'' Will and Tommy asked. I shrugged when I opened the package it was a CD inside of it.

"Boys called the rest of the One Direction Family, Austin, and your Mum quickly,'' I said calmly. the boys nodded and ran to get their phones.


-20 mins later-

All the rest of the One Direction Family is here and Austin, he looked terrible if you asked me.

"What's the problem Louis did you hear anything about the police?" Zayn asked. I shook my head.

"Okay, What the problem then?" Liam asked this time.

"Well, I revived a package today it was a CD inside of it and It might be about Jessica,'' I explained to them.

''Okay, lets see,'' Niall said. I nodded put the CD in the CD player and it begins:

"Helloo One Direction Family, Do you remember me from when you took my daughter away from me? If you do you won't find your lovely daughter/girlfriend/cousin/niece again. Yes, I know about this little boyfriend that Jessica has what's his name oh yeah its Austin Mahone who sing from the commercial Mmm Yeah.  You can see you can't have her back because she was my daughter first, but you can see her one last time," Taylor said.

The front of the video was Jessica beat up one black eye, cut up body, bruised legs and arms, spited lips, and hand marked on her cheeks that made me pissed.

"Now you seen her you should graduated me on my first married with my wonderful new husband and my new family without Jessica it won't be completed, now Jessica do you want to said bye to your ex-family now,'' She said when the camera point at her, she raised her hand wave at it but lower showing sign language that she was showing us and she lifted her eyebrows two times with a fear face with it.

"Well, I hope y'all have a nice day or not,'' she laughed evilly as the video turn off.

"What just happen?" Harry asked. I just shrugged.

"I think Jessica gave us some clues to find her,'' Austin said.

"How can you tell Austin,'' Clover asked.

''Do you see the sign language and her eyebrow goes up two times and with a fear face with it that she was giving us,'' He said and we nodded.

"Okay, Me and Jessica have this thing we do when if we were in trouble the sign language says: I am at the stranded forest and inside in a well built house there and the eyebrow says: Please Hurry,'' he said. (Jessica your clever young lady.)

''Okay, well the girls and I going to called every polices tell what she might be,'' Eleanor said and the rest the mum's looking for their phones.

"Well we're going to text every celebrities if they find Jessica out of the local,'' the girls grab their phone texting right away.

"We are going to help the police to search for her, Louis,'' the boys said and I nodded.

"I am coming with you Dads,'' the rest of the other boys and Austin said bravely. We nodded heading to the door start researching for Jessica.


We are own our way Baby Girl!!



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