Not You Again *Sequel of Lost and Found*

"They are your families now and you are going to live with us," she smiled. I looked at her and the family crazy. " No, im not you are crazy I am not stay here I got my own families instead yours!" After I said that I felt a smack on my left cheek. I whimper,'' You will not speak to me and your own family you hear me I took care of you since you were 14 years old and that family of your took care of you about 2 years. Now, we have you and you are going to like it you hear me?" She said I nodded and she went back smiling,'' Now, lets get you clean up before your brothers show to your room, come Luke.'' She grab his hand walked upstairs.


6. Awards Day

"Jessica! We are going to be late! Hurry up!" I heard Bella yell Mommy Direction again. I finished putting on the mascara and walked downstairs. I was wearing a tight red dress, ready to go to the awards. It was going to be the best award day ever. One of my friends was pretty in their dress and always rock in them. My friends/cousin and I are the most most popular girl band as like our dads and we loved to sing our hearts out.
"Girl, you look good!" Lilly said. She looked nice as well. She was wearing a dark green dress and her blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She took out her mascara and put it on her lashes.
"Mitchy, you already have looked at the mirror penalty of times now! Your brown eyes are popping out already!" I said laughing, dragging her tall skinny figure away from the mirror she was looking in. She had long black hair, with brown highlights with a black silk dress . Then there was Darcy. Quite short, brown curly hair and green eyes wearing light makeup and wearing a orange dress. And it was Bella has brown less curls hair and brown eyes wearing light makeup like Darcy and wearing a purple dress
"Do you think Cole  will like how I look?" Darcy asked, breaking my thoughts. I smiled. "Definitely." She had been dating Cole over a month.
"I'll drive." I said, walking out of the huge house and into my Corvette. My mum and dad brought me a car on my 16th birthday. "Well, let go to the awards show!" Lilly said, blasting the music in my car. We had a pre party in my car, singing along to Best Song Ever by One Direction.
I pulled off to the side of the line making thought to the red carpet. We walked into the building and everyone looked at us taking pictures of us. Honestly, though we walked down to the red carpet until we found ours families and ours boyfriends winking at us. Ours dad smiled at us and hugged us .
Dad had brown quiff hair and blue eyes. Uncle Liam had brown quiff hair and brown eyes. Uncle Zayn had black quiff hair and brown eyes. Uncle Niall had blonde quiff and blue eyes. Uncle Harry still had curls quiff and green eyes.
"I hope we won something!?" Lilly said. Bella nodded. "Yeah I hoped so too! What about you guys!" We nodded. We been waiting on a awards since when we started our career.
"Ya'll get that award eventually, anyways yours dads presented the awards to best song ever of 2013!" Austin said with a grin while the guys nodded. We smiled and nodded.
I walked with Austin to the kitchen and we grabbed a couple of snacks. "I'm starving!" Lilly said, eating a cube of cheese and stuffing her face with mini sandwiches. She was such a big eater.
"Ok, the awards is starting." I turned to see girls getting seated with their boyfriends.
"Hey everyone, ! How y'all doing tonight?" One Direction said. The crow cheered and scream. I smiled also the girls
"We will presented the awards of 2013!" Uncle Harry said. The boys nodded. "We got Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and ........ The.......Direction Daughters !" Uncle Liam said. We jumped on ours seats so excited and nervous.
 "And the award goes to........!" Dad said we finger cross as Dad grinned . "The Direction Daughters!" Uncle Zayn said as we jumped up and hugged our Boyfriend and walked down the stairs towards our dad. I smiled the whole time with out stopping. He held out his the awards to Bella they kissed each of us on the cheek.
"We're so thankful to all ours fan here tonight we can't done it with you guys." Darcy said smiling. "We like to thank you guys." I said back. "I love you guys!" Lilly said in her Irish accent. "Thanks, everyone." Mitchell said smiling.
"Y'all did great out there ." Cole said pecking Darcy lips. "Thanks!" I smiled before walking to Austin. This is the best night I hope nothing will bring it down tomorrow.
No ones POV
I had just finally found that my baby girl. I got in by my cousin who worked as a security. I walked up to the boys.
"Did you find her?" J asked. I nodded and thought about that my baby girl that we wanted.  I knew she'd be in safe hands to our arms again.
"How we going to get her?" L asked. They been helping me tracking down her for 2 months now
"When she be alone boys," I said.
F smirked. "Ok, we still following her?" I nodded smiling evilly. "Ok." He said smiling.
"So we take her Tomorrow Night?" S asked me. I nodded.
"Yes, we will kidnap her Tomorrow night."


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