I'm in love with a jerk


3. OMG



Liam's POV.
this girl comes down and 2 little girls scream saying things I'm just looking at this girl she is so so i can't make a word to describe her the red hair blue eye but they turned green when she saw me and harry she told the other girl something but before that she said she doses not have a towel the started down talking to that other girl

Harrys POV


I saw the way Liam looked at wait what are there names hello lades what are your names  well my name is Lindsey the brown haired girl said and that little one on you jumping up and down 

is my sis Nikki i said that girl talking to your friend Liam  is lilly and that other girl is Hana 
soooooo Do you wanna hang out tomorrow like a date then yes ok se you in1 hour by beautiful we will give you some towels too thanks handsome she is flirty
The boys left and we both had an exiting news the same one double date but our sisters she said the other boys will watch them so help what should I wear?


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