I'm in love with a jerk


2. MOVING!!!



Lindsey's POV.

"hay L's" said Lilly  "hi lilly" I said "I've got an exiting news" said lilly I got us a new house in London we are bringing are sisters and take care of them we are leaving in 5 hours so get ready girl  says lilly  ok  


*new house*

we helped the girls get unpacked i was cooking and lilly said that she is going to take a shower then herd a knock on the door and guess who it was?


Harrys POV. 

hey mates we have a new person that lives in that house Liam can you come ok mate lets go when we got there we knocked on the door and it opened there was a brown haired girl about in her 18 years old she was so beautiful i had my mouth opened  she said close your mouth you'll catch a fly"she giggled may we come in i asked  yes sit would you like some tea boys yes plz we say then a red haired girl comes down with just a robe on and 2 little girls run down the stairs screaming saying we love your band.



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