I'm in love with a jerk


1. meet my characters


meet my characters


Hello my name is lindsey. I was born in New York. My sisters name is Nikki. my best friend is lilly. I'm 18 turning 19 in feb 14th. it is feb 12th 2 more days. Me Nikki, lilly, and Hana are moving to London. 


Hi I'm Nikki. I'm 11 in feb 28th but I'm 10 now i was born in New York my sister is lindsey my best friend is Hana. me lindsey, lilly, and Hana are going to London. im in love with 1D


Hello my name is lilly. I was born in New York. My sister's name is Hana. My best friend is lindsey. I'm 18 turning 19 in feb 14th. I is feb 12th 2 more days. the hole gang is going to move withe me in London.   


Hello my name is hanna i think they told you most things so I'm 11 in feb 20th I'm 10 now and my sister is lilly i love one direction. My Bff is Nikki!!!


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