The first momentvwe talked

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well this tells that love story. Warning sexual content is very descriptive please no under 16


1. at first sight

I was on my way to school and I saw him. He was tall, cute and had dark hair. Right when I saw him I knew that I had fallen in love with him.

Hey I'm Zayn. Cool I'm Keri I said. He said hey Keri how do you feel cause you look fine. I had butterfly's. I'm good you look pretty fine to me to.

He told me how bout after school we go back to my place and play a game. I asked what kind of game? He laughed and whispered in my ear while holding my thigh now, a fun one. My heart dropped and I said ok.

We were on our way to his place. When we walked In the door he took me to his room. I walked around while he was putting something away. He came to me slowly and pushed me against the wall. I was so turned on. I could feel his boner on my thigh. He started kissing me intensely. His younger was asking for entrance and I granted it. While we kissed I started to move my fingers through is hair. He brung me to his bed he through me down.

I was so excited he took off my top and started to move his younger round and round my nipple. It felt so good. I moaned with pleasure. He put on a condom. Pulled down my pants and saw my thong. He crouched down and started to take it off. He put his face near my vagina and started licking it. I moaned again with pleasure. He say down next to me and asked me to give him a blow job.

I darted to kiss the head and licked in circles I bobbed my head up and down faster each time. He moaned so loud. I went to his face and we started to kiss again. He put me in top of him and started to go back and forth. I moaned so loud. He was is so could at it. He almost reached his climax and I didn't want it to end he pulled out and I said no keep going. He put it back in and went faster I was so happy nothing can make me happier.

The next day we were at school and we say next to each other in everything. After we went back to his place again. We weren't going to have sex though we were just hanging out. We sat on the couch and he started to kiss me. I was so happy our youngest danced in each other's mouths. He asked me what I wanted to do I told him wanna watch a movie? He said yeah and put on warm bodies. I was so happy at some points we just kissed and played with each other. He was getting really frisky. I told him to stop and he said ok.

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