This Is Me! (Book2)

This is the sequel to "why me?".

It was one year ago Lexi Moon walked away from the hunting academy. She found people that she never knew she had, how will it go for Lexi in her hunting family?.

(Book 2)


1. I'm happy to see you

I can't believe it's been one year ago I left the academy, I've learned so much being with my own kind. I'm stronger,faster and more secure. Noah,Scarlett,uncle Dan,Felicia, we have become a family all of us.

The time I have spent here I learned that just as the werewolf's has a leader, the alpha. We have the same, the one with special power should be the leader. That's me, I'm the leader with the powerful power that can control werewolfs.

"Lexi lets go out and look around!", Scarlett shouted from downstairs. I ran down the stairs with a smile on my face, "race ya" I ran outside and Scarlett was right behind me.

I felt free and alive in the woods, like an adrenaline rush. The birds sang and the sun warmed my body threw the tree leafs. I kept running with my eyes closed and trusted my instincts to lead the way. "Lexi wait stop!", Scarlett yelled.

I opened my eyes and realized that I had run to the end of the forest, I stod in front of my past. The hunting academy.

Scarlett jumped down from a tree behind me, "Lexi are you alright?". I got all the flashbacks running threw my head, suddenly I got to think about Logan. How he took care of me and how I was so cold to him in the forest.

"Can we please go back?", she whispered while we heard some voices ahead. "Wait", I whispered and walked carefully closer to the front of the academy. Scarlett jumped back up on the trees and followed me from up there.

I recognized the voices and the laughs. I got closer and closer and suddenly I saw the voices faces. It was the guys, Logan, James and Lindsey. They seemed to have a good time. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Logan up front, he hadn't changed a bit. With my good hearing I could hear everything they said even if I stood behind some bushes a few meters away.

Logan and James stood and joked about girls and Lindsay looked for boys. "Do you feel like we're watched?", I heard James said. "Shoot!", I mumbled and put my head down. "Well yeah now when you said it", Logan answered and walked closer to me. My heart said that I should hug the life out of Logan but my head clearly disagreed. I looked up at the sky and saw Scarlett behind some branches in a tree, she hugged the bow like she was going to die.

Finally when I couldn't hear them any longer I carefully stood up, when someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me out of the bushes. "Let go of me!", I shouted and kicked with my legs. "Lexi?", my heart stopped for a second when the manly voice said my name. "Logan!", I said and turned around. It was Logan he smiled and looked like he was going to cry of joy, he hugged me so hard that it felt like he was never going to let go. "Finally I got to see you", he mumbled. "I've missed you too", I put my arms around his muscular body and put my face down his arms like a little child. It felt so good to finally be back in his arms, it only took a year but it happened. "What are you doing here?", he asked and took a good look at me. "I was just running with Scarlett and then I ended up here, hearing you guys talked I..", my tears was almost running down my face but I fought it.

"Well I'm happy you did", he said with a smile.

Lindsey and James shoved Logan away so they could hug me too, "oh my gosh, Lexi its you". Lindsey almost cried while hugging me and so did I. Even though the past year has been good I've still missed these guys.

"Okay move over its my turn", James said and waited for Lexi to let go of me. After a while she walked away from me and James then hugged me so hard I couldn't breathe. "J-James I can't breathe". "Sorry", he let go and looked up to the trees. "You've got company?", he asked and waved down Scarlett.

She jumped down behind me and had a suspicious look on her face, "it's okay Scarlett they won't attack us especially not here", I reached my hand after hers and pulled her closer. "See say hi"

Scarlett didn't say a word and neither did the others. "Come on guys can't you at least try to act friendly?", Simone walked up to us and hugged me for a few seconds before she put her hand out for Scarlett "hi I'm Simone". "Scarlett not a fan", she refused to take Simone's hand. It quickly got awkward and the air got cold.

"Why is werewolf hunters always so cold?", Lindsey whispered to Logan. "What did you just say?!", Scarlett took a hard grip on her bow. "Oh yeah right super hearing, forgot about that", Logan looked annoyed at Lindsey. She apologized and looked away in shame. "I think we should get going" I pulled Scarlett by the arm and she relaxed a bit. Logan was on his way to say something before I interrupted him and said goodbye. Me and Scarlett ran in to the woods again and the tension disappeared. "I can't believe Logan let you go again", Scarlett yelled from the trees. I can't believe it either, I wonder what he was going to say to me before we left. Never in a million years I thought that I would miss him this much but to see him again got me realize that I have missed him.

We got back to the house, Felicia and Dan sat on the door step. "Finally you're back, what took so long?", Felicia asked while she ran into my lap. "We met a few people from someone's past", Scarlett said while she put away her bow and arrows.

"Your werewolf family?", Felicia asked and looked at me with her big eyes. "No from the academy", I answered and Dan immediately command Felicia to get in the house.

"What did you think about?, it's been a year they might had forgot about you and then you just showed up there?". "They would never forget about me, I know they aren't welcome because of the differences between the hunting families but they are my friends!". "They was your friends Lexi, not anymore. You left them behind when you came here". Even if it hurt hearing Dan say that, he was right. I did have a choice and I choose this life. "So what do you want me to do?", I said and looked at him.

"Never go back there, avoid them at any cost!"


Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been awhile but I have a lot going on and some other story's on the way!

But I hope you like the first chapter, it's a little short but I hope it works for you :)

I really hope that this story will be as good as the first one and that you'll like it!



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