hardest thing i've had to do

I've known her since well... since the other day but that doesnt mean i dont love her i do. Its just something in my gut tells me that only bad things will come from us having a relatioship. Something horrible.


2. The Meeting

Harrys P.O.V

I decide to get out of bed early for once and make my mum breakfast in bed. I walk past the picture of me and Gemma when we were younger andsuddenly realise how much i miss her since she has moved out. I continue down the stairs and take the bread out thr bread bin. I see someyhing from the corner oof my eye.

I see a girl, mabye about a year or 2 younger than me walking alone at 6.30am. As i go to my front room to take a closer look i see that she looks as if she has been crying and her cheek looks as if it is swoolen. I walk outside to slowly so as not to scare her. She looks up and sees me and i can know see i was right abput her crying and her cheek. I go over and introduce myself. "Hi, im harry styles. Who are you? And are you okay?" "i am Amy ... Amy Wooler" she says as loud as she can manage. I invite her in because she looks so cold and lost. We start to get talking and she is a generally nice girl.

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