hardest thing i've had to do

I've known her since well... since the other day but that doesnt mean i dont love her i do. Its just something in my gut tells me that only bad things will come from us having a relatioship. Something horrible.


1. Amy Wooler

Amy's P.O.V

I wokeup to my step father screaming for me to come down stairs. Shakily i roll out of bed and head for the stairs. It only takesme one glance at his face to tell that this wasnt just going to be verbal abuse .. again. 

I stand infront of him waiting for him to hit me. "where were you this mornig" he snapps. "i was in my room fast asleep , i swear" my voice came out more shakilythan i hoped but that was still enough for him to lash out at me. I felt the back of his hand across my cheek before i evensaw him move. I fell to the floor with pain, he then kicked me in the stomach and winded me. "I bet you were with boys you little slut" he said walking away from me and leaving me lying on the floor in pain. 

I neede to get out of her. I slowly and carefully stood up and not caring if he heard me or not ran to the front door, opened it and ran untill i couldnt breath. I found a bench and sat down for a minute. Then after a rest got up and started walking. I will walk untill sunrise.


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