It's All Fun & Games

Kevin (21) and his girlfriend Miranda (18) decide to go on a adventure. A horror adventure. They go to abandoned houses, old buildings, asylums, anything they can find. They have fun, this is all a game to them. But, the games will be cut short by terror and a fight for their lives.


4. What the...?

"Kevin," I said a little scared.


I had no idea what was standing behind him, but it was scary. It looked human, but there's no way it can be. He must not of heard me the first time, so I told him again. He slowly turned around and froze. 


"What the hell!" He said. 

"I have no idea," I said.


It was some kind of creature. It looked part human. Then a actual person walked up behind it.

"What are you doing here?" The guy asked.

"We were just looking around." I said.

"Bad idea." 

"W- why? And what the hell is that?" 

"You mean who," the guy replied.

"Who?" I asked. 

"Yes, it's a human."

"How?" I asked.

"Not everyone in this town died, but the ones that didn't faced burns and toxic waste."


The creature walked on both feet, but sometimes crawled. It was about the size of a 18 year old boy. It's face was burnt and looked like it was missing some of it's features. It wasn't wearing clothes, but it didn't have anything, it's whole body had what looked like holes in it- from the toxic waste that they had been exposed to.


"What happened here?" I finally asked, "and how are you here alive and not that," I pointed at the creature. 

"I lived here at one point, but I moved away to be with my dying mother. I left my wife and son here. But, when I returned I found the town like this."

"So what exactly happened?" Kevin added.

"Well, the government was doing some experiments I guess you can say. They wanted to try and make the people in this small town where they couldn't die." 

"So what was the underground room in the cemetery?" I added.

"Oh that, it was already here, but we used it when the government started to kill people when their 'experiments' failed. It was a safety shelter. They never looked there, we kept food, water, mattresses, pillow, blankets, etc down there."

"So the bodies down there-" he interrupted me before I could finish.

"Yes they starved to death due to running out of food supplies, but at least they weren't burned or exposed to toxic waste. This is my son, he was exposed to toxic waste, but he was burnt due to trying to save his mother. He did save her, but she starved to death with the others. When they set him on fire. He was able to put himself out, but they threw him into a room with others. Yes, it's where the toxic waste was, he broke a window and escaped. By that time everyone else was dead." 

"Why would they do that? The government I mean."

"No idea, but I'm sure they will do it to another town before too long. But what I told you can not be told to anyone else. Why are you guys here?" He asked.

"Well," I started, "we decided to have what we call a horror journey."

"I hate to tell you, but you won't find anything scary in this town."

"You son scared the hell out of me," Kevin added in.

"That's different, no ghosts or killers, no hauntings. Nothing like that in this town."

"Thanks for the heads up." I added.

"Yeah, it's best you two leave." 

"Agreed," Kevin and I said at the same time.


Kevin and I walked back to our car and headed home. Neither one of us said anything to each other, but I couldn't get the image of that poor guy out of my head. I felt bad for calling him 'it' but before his father showed up, I never knew he was human. Honestly I was more shocked that the government would do something that extreme. I felt so bad, I wanted to go buy some fake flowers and put them on all of the graves and on the bodies on the ones down in that room. Maybe one day I will. But for our first journey, it was a fail. 

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