It's All Fun & Games

Kevin (21) and his girlfriend Miranda (18) decide to go on a adventure. A horror adventure. They go to abandoned houses, old buildings, asylums, anything they can find. They have fun, this is all a game to them. But, the games will be cut short by terror and a fight for their lives.


5. Surprise

Kevin's POV


I woke up before Miranda did so I went downstairs to make her breakfast. She had no idea what I was going to have planned today. I was going to take her to BlackHallow The town isn't abandoned, but it has a old abandoned hotel. When Miranda woke up she came downstairs. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of shorts. Her hair was messy but I didn't care, she still looked beautiful. 


"Good morning," I said to her.

"Morning," she said sleepily. 

"I made you breakfast." 

"Thanks," she still looked half asleep. 


I made her bacon, eggs, and a bagel. Normally she just ate cereal for breakfast so I thought it would be nice to change things up. 


"I have a surprise for you today."

"What is it?" She asked.

"Well it's more of where we are going, it's not necessarily an object," I smiled. 


"Well, we are going to BlackHallow"

"Where is that?" She asked me. 

"It's about an hour and a half or two hours away." 

"So car ride?" 

"Yes. We can stop and get you a soda."

"Thanks," she smiled, "i'm going to need it. 

"I know." I kissed her then took her plate, she had eaten everything. 


After I took her plate she got up, and went back up to the room to shower and get dressed. I was already dressed, I just grabbed a pair of blue jeans, and threw on a t-shirt. I cleaned up the kitchen and just as I got finished, she came back downstairs. We weren't going to leave until after lunch, but she looked absolutely amazing. 



She wore the shirt that I bought her about a year ago, she absolutely loves that shirt. Honestly, I love that shirt too, it looks gorgeous on her. Her hair was in a messy bun, It was cute because she didn't put too much effort to look good. She went with natural colors for make up. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she also wore the necklace I bought her, and of course, she had her engagement ring on. 


When 11:30 came we went in the kitchen and had left over lasagna. Miranda made it two days ago, so we finished it off today. After we were done, we worked together and had everything done by 12. Now, we walked out to the car, and we headed to the gas station. I grabbed me a Mountain Dew, and Miranda a Coke. Then we headed out because it was going to be a long car ride. 

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