It's All Fun & Games

Kevin (21) and his girlfriend Miranda (18) decide to go on a adventure. A horror adventure. They go to abandoned houses, old buildings, asylums, anything they can find. They have fun, this is all a game to them. But, the games will be cut short by terror and a fight for their lives.


6. Hotel- Encounter # 1

Miranda's POV


We arrived to the town, there was a lot of people, but we didn't stop. Kevin kept driving to basically outside of the town. There was a huge old abandoned hotel. It was breath taking at the sight of it. Some of the windows were busted but for the most part it was still in one piece.


"Kevin, it looks amazing! I wish it was ours, I love it!" 

"Me too babe," he smiled at me. 


He grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door, it was unlocked, shockingly. When we walked inside, everything is still in the place it was left, not in the best of condition though. The first door was on the right, I slowly opened the door and the room was covered in blood. There was words written in it, Kevin walked up to the wall and read it. Get out while you still can. I was standing next to Kevin now, I touched it, the blood was fresh. 


"Gross," I said.

"Nice right?" He smirked.

"Duh." I wiped the blood on him.

"Oh no! I'm gonna die!" He joked as he fell to the ground. "Help me! I'm gonna die." 

I laughed.

He stood up, "you know you love me," he laughed.

"Sure," I smiled.

"Wait, what?" He asked confused.


I walked out of the room and into the next room that was across the hall. This room had nothing but a bed in it. Kevin walked up behind me and grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. He threw me down on the bed, and started kissing me. I kissed him back, my legs were hanging off the bed so he knelt down and went down on me. I let out a moan because it felt great but then we heard footsteps. He stopped and we both walked into the hallway. There was nothing there.


"What the fuck was that?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I heard it too."

"I thought so." 

"There's nothing there," he assured me. 

"True," I smiled.


He kissed me again, and carried me back into the room. This time he laid on top of me, and he continued to kiss me. I let him then his hand slipped up my shirt, I let out a soft moan. He smiled, and continued, but then he stopped. 

"Babe what is it?" I asked, mainly because I wanted him.

"I felt someone touch me, and their touch was cold." 

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," he smiled and continued to kiss me. 


I smiled, excited and kissed him back. He took his shirt off, and just as I was about to take mine off, I felt the ice cold touch. I looked around, and there was no one in the room. What the hell? I ignored it and continued to kiss Kevin. His hands went up my shorts again, but he instantly stopped. 


"Were you touched by the hand too?" He asked.

"Yes." I froze. "Did you feel that?" I asked.

"Feel what?" He asked.

"The bed, it shook."

"No I didn't." 


Before I could respond the entire bed flipped over. I fell into the wall, bruising my elbows badly. I let out a scream. My body hit the metal floor, my arms hit the wall, and the mattress and metal bed spring landed on top of me, it was hard to breath.


"Are you okay? Miranda? Babe answer me!" Kevin called. 

"I'm under the mattress," I was barely able to reply. 

He ran over and removed the mattress and stuff off me.


When I stood up I saw the bruises on my elbows and arms, they were huge. Then I felt my head, I had a cut that was bleeding, but wasn't anything bad. Kevin walked over and hugged me, he could tell I was out of breath. He kissed me.


"I'm okay Kevin."

"Are you sure? You're bruised to hell, and you have a cut."

"I'm fine, just a small headache."

"Lets go home," he said.

"No, we just got here."

"Babe, we were just attacked by something that wasn't human and it nearly killed you."

"We just got here, we are not leaving."

"That's my girl." He kissed my forehead, "Let's go have some fun my crazy, strong, woman." 

"Exactly," I smiled.


We walked out of the room, ready to explore the rest of the hotel. 




This chapter is dedicated to my best friend, who will remain anonymous. I owe them a big thank you for helping with some ideas for this chapter, and they may be helping me throughout this story, and when they do I will put a A/N to give them credit, but I will not give out their name. 

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