It's All Fun & Games

Kevin (21) and his girlfriend Miranda (18) decide to go on a adventure. A horror adventure. They go to abandoned houses, old buildings, asylums, anything they can find. They have fun, this is all a game to them. But, the games will be cut short by terror and a fight for their lives.


8. Hotel- Basement

Miranda's POV


I began to get a little suspicious to be honest. Ever since I opened the box and took these necklaces I've gotten hurt. I think they are beautiful necklaces but I believe they are cursed or haunted. I don't want to tell Kevin. Yes, we both like this kind of stuff, but if he believes that it's the necklaces causing me to get hurt he will make me get rid of them. I kept the box with me and carried it down the stairs. Kevin went before me, and of course after the first stair my foot caught on the edge of the stair and i fell. I laid at the bottom of the stairs in pain. The box had fallen out of my hand, and Kevin picked it up.


"I'm getting a little suspicious," he said.

"About what?" I asked acting clueless.

"This," he held up the box that held the necklaces. 

"What do you mean?" I asked getting myself up.

"Ever since you found this, you have gotten hurt."

"I'm just clumsy," I added.

"I am holding onto this for a while, then we will see what happens."

"Fine," I said.  


We walked around a corner and once again there was a note in blood. You have been warned once, this is number two. Get out!! I smiled at the note, someone had to of been messing with us. Kevin saw it too but he went pale when he read it. He must of seen something I could not see. 


"Kevin," I touched his arm. He jumped. "Sorry," I added.

"Did you see that?" 

"See what?" I asked. "All I saw was the message."

"We are leaving now!" He grabbed my arm and ran up the basement doors.


Kevin kept hold of my arm and we ran out to the car. It was almost dark. We got in the car and he drove off as quick as he could. I wanted to ask what he had seen, but I figured it was best to leave it alone until we got home and away from that place. The car ride was long and silent, neither one of us said a single word to each other. Honestly, I was now more upset that we didn't get to explore the basement. The basement is always where the bad stuff happens. Maybe it was for the best though, we could have discovered something we weren't suppose to. I began to feel sick. 


Once we got home I ran into the bathroom and threw up. After that I placed the box with the two necklaces into one of my dresser drawers. I didn't want to tell Keith about it but I went back downstairs and he was watching television. I sat down next to him and took a deep breath.


"Do you want to tell me what you saw?" I asked.

"Yes and heard." 


"It spoke to me Miranda, and you're in danger." 

I froze.

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