It's All Fun & Games

Kevin (21) and his girlfriend Miranda (18) decide to go on a adventure. A horror adventure. They go to abandoned houses, old buildings, asylums, anything they can find. They have fun, this is all a game to them. But, the games will be cut short by terror and a fight for their lives.


3. Engagement

I sat quietly in the car as Kevin drove. He didn't seem to be very talkative which was a very big shock. After 20 minutes we arrived at what is now known as the "abandoned town." Honestly, I never even knew the real name of this town. Since I've lived here it's always been abandoned. I have lived here since I was 15, yeah, not very long. Kevin was the first guy I dated when I moved here, and we lasted ever since then. Our families love each other, but I moved out the day I turned 18. My parents didn't seem to care very much, which was no shock to me. 


"Babe?" Kevin said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes?" I said back to him. 

"We're here." 

"Oh. Sorry," I smiled. He smiled back.

"Lets go," he said opening my door.

"Yes," I said holding his hand as he helped me out of the car. 


We walked up to the cemetery, It was the first thing as you entered town. I lit up a cigarette and smoked it as we walked. Kevin didn't care I did it, he can't smoke cause he asthma and it acts up if he does. There wasn't much in the cemetery, just about 30 gravestones. Which for the size of this town wasn't very many. I didn't know the history of this town either, I could probably look it up, but there was no point. We could figure it out on our own some how. 


"There is nothing here," Kevin said as I put my cigarette out on the ground.

"That's true," I said taking another glimpse of the cemetery then it caught my eye. "Wait," I added.

"What?" He asked. 

"There." I pointed at what looked like a door leading underground. 


He took my hand again, and we walked over to it. Kevin opened it and let me go first, he was a huge gentleman. I walked down the stairs slowly to make sure no one was pulling some stupid prank. Quietly, we walked through what seemed to be a tunnel, it had nothing in it; I mean nothing. Finally the tunnel came to an end, it led into a huge round room. There was nothing in it except one thing: skeletons.


"Gross," I said.

Kevin smiled, "aren't you into this stuff.

"Yeah, I just said gross cause I don't know how any of them died, and because there is bugs coming out of them."

"Ready to get out of here?"

"Yes," I smiled.


We walked out of the tunnel, back up the stairs, and back out into the cemetery. 


"That was weird." 

"What was babe?" He asked.

"Why is there an underground room in a cemetery? That's a weird place to put one. And why are there bodies in it? I mean something had to be bad to lead them down there to their deaths."

"No idea, we can look it up later if you want."

"Sure," I smiled.


Now we were walking in the streets of this town. The old businesses were falling apart, some weren't even in one piece. Honestly, I was amused with this town, I'm not sure why. Then I noticed one building that was still standing- the hospital. I smiled at Kevin and he shook his head. We walked over to it, the doors were locked. I took a rock and busted one of the windows, the glass was so old it all just shattered. There wasn't very much in it like I expected, it was kind of a disappointment. Whoever closed the place down took everything out, I couldn't find anything- which was a little bit of disappointment. After this disappointment, we left, back into the roads of this town. Then for some reason Kevin stopped. 


"Babe, is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. I just need to ask you something."

"Ask me what?" 

"Well," he looked nervous which wasn't like him.

"You can tell me anything Kevin." 

"Will you marry me?" He asked getting down on one knee.


I froze, I was speechless. I wanted to say yes and no. Then he opened the box, the ring took my breath. It was absolutely stunning. I loved it. 


"Yes!" I finally said, still in a little bit of shock. 

He stood up, hugged me, then placed the ring on my finger. 


I had no idea how he afforded my ring.



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