The New Generation

The world as you know it is gone. The new world is based on sex ran by five men: Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. The world has new rules, new ranks, and new stakes. Lola is of age in this world. This is her story.

Sex senses are in here. Read at your own risk;)


2. Picky

Harry's P.O.V.

The last women left my room leaving a small smile on my face. She wasn't really my type but her tanned skin and long dark black hair falling down her back made me want to rethink what my type really was. I watched as she danced out of the room her hair dancing along her back covering up her bare bum. I chuckled then she was gone.


"Name?" I asked Zayn as he walked into the room.


He turned his head and looked at the girl, "Ahh Maria. She's good, isn't she?"


I shook my head, "I'd rather not have your sloppy seconds. What did the other guys think?"


Zayn shrugged, "They thought she was okay. I personally liked her but that's me. She made my list, what about yours?"


"Nope. She was fun though." I said in almost a whisper.


Zayn looked at me confused, "Harry, we have been to every state besides one and you still haven't chosen one girl to put on your list. If you don't find a girl next Monday, then what are you going to do? How are you going to remember all these girls?"


I looked up at him, "I'll just pick a girl from your list then. Maybe I like sloppy seconds."


"You are too picky." He said turning around.


"Go put some pants on!" I yelled at him but he waved his hand in the air and kept walking letting his thing hang low. I rolled my eyes and huffed.


All these girls were the same. Either good or terrible. I wanted a girl who was different. Someone who didn't want to please me so much. Someone who enjoyed sex as much as I did. My last girl was nothing. Boring. Fun at first but I also didn't realize she was sneaking around with Niall. When that was put to rest, so was the fun. I need a new good, trust worthy girl.


"Mr. Styles," Paul said knocking on the door. "You have one more girl. Her name is Georgia. She is sixteen years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Are you ready?"


I laid my back on the bed pulling my hands behind my head, "Send her in."

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