The New Generation

The world as you know it is gone. The new world is based on sex ran by five men: Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. The world has new rules, new ranks, and new stakes. Lola is of age in this world. This is her story.

Sex senses are in here. Read at your own risk;)


3. Let the Games Begin

Lola's P.O.V.

All the girls stood around a man wearing a suit. It was weird for all of us to see a man so covered. Most men here tried their best not to wear clothing. It was kind of nice to see the man so covered.


"Ladies!" He called making us all fall into silence. "My name is Stephen. I am one of the men who work for the rulers. The rules are simple: you will go in two at a time, one of you will stand out wait while the other has ten minutes to impress one of the rulers, you will take turns for each ruler then at the end there will be a call back where if the rulers liked you then they will mark you, then you will have another ten minutes to set your stamp on them and seeing how you are the last stop, you will find out if you are welcomed to the empire next Monday. Let the games begin ladies. Play nice."


The man cleared out then the artists ran in. One of them grabbed me quickly and pulled me into a chair where she and her help stripped me down. One of them worked on my hair taking a curling iron to it while another did my makeup with bright pink lips and cat eyeliner, then the last women worked on clearing any hair on my body along with picking out the best underwear and bra. The key was to make me look sexy as hell.


She picked out a sexy lace bra and watching underwear with pink piping and a little pink bow to match my lips. My hair was a mass of light curls. My dark grey eyes were now a bright shade of blue with golden flecks which was normal when I actually did my makeup like this. I just never had time. Ive grown to love my grey eyes. I needed to do whatever I had to, to win so I woudnt be stuck doing married men all the time.


They line us up with our partners, mine being a beautiful coco colored girl who has to be at least six feet tall and a body to die for. Her lips were coated in a red glossy color and her hair was a wild mane like a lioness making its way down her back. I was highly jealous of this girl but I didn't need to worry about her, it was all about me. Stephen was right, let the games begin.


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