The New Generation

The world as you know it is gone. The new world is based on sex ran by five men: Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. The world has new rules, new ranks, and new stakes. Lola is of age in this world. This is her story.

Sex senses are in here. Read at your own risk;)


1. How it Works

Lola's P.O.V.

"Good job Lola, very good work. You are improving very much." My mentor, John, said as he pulled up his jeans. I still laid on the bed without a shred of clothing on. The only thing covering my body was a thin white sheet from his bed. He smile at me.


I was seventeen years old while he was twenty-eight. In this world, it was perfectly fine for us to have sex. It was actually something we had to do to get me ready for the ceremony. It happened once a month when the rulers would choose a state to come to get pleasure. This month they choose ours. John was getting me ready so I could be chosen to become a regular for the rulers.


That's how our world worked. The rulers created a world where sex was a basis for everything. They cured the world from diseases and such so as a celebration, they created this world. Sex being the number one thing. In some states, clothes were banned or frowned upon while other encourage younger women to be with younger men, hence me sleeping around with a twenty-eight year old but there were rules.


Women couldn't sleep around until they became of age. They were untouchable until then so they lived in a set where only women lived until they became of age along with pregnant women. Once they gave birth, they raised their child until the age of five then left to go back into the world. The older women raised them until they turned fifteen then they were set free. Now, if a women were to have a son, then he would live normally with the men.


Women though could only have one child. Once they had their child, they would have to prevent themselves from having another one or they would be shunned. It's just how the world worked for us. It's something I've learned to live with.


I watched John get dressed. Then he tossed my clothes at me. I started to change under the sheet but he gave me a look. I stood up so he could watch.


I was average height for a girl. I was thin but not too thin with shoulder length dark chocolate brown hair and grey eyes. The one thing that attracted men most to me was my eyes and my dimples. They loved my innocent face and sweet smile. It was why John picked me.


I heard the front door of the house open and looked at John. He smiled at me. I finished changing before Molly walked in.


Molly was John's wife. Another thing that was not frowned upon here, when women had babies, men would cheat. After Molly gave birth to their baby, he found her less attractive. So he moved onto me.


Molly smiled at me, "Hello Lola. You look nice today."


I was wearing a tank top that hung low showing off my lace black bra with a pair of shorts that were so short they could have been underwear. I smiled back her, fixing my hair.


"She did very well today. I have a feeling Harry will love this one. It will be sad to see her go but its an honor to serve the rulers." John said with a grin on his face.


Molly giggled throwing back her long black hair, "Oh John, let the girl spread her wings. I'm sure anyone down the block has been looking at her."


They both laughed making me force myself to as well. Most girls found this amusing or great but I found it awkward. I hated sleeping with John but he was my mentor. I owed him everything. The only thing I wished is that I will be selected in the ceremony.


Each ruler got to pick up to two girls to have as their pleasure for five years. My state was the last in the ceremony. I had to rock one of them or I would have no chance. I would be stuck with some older guy until I got married, had one child, and die slowly as my husband slept with the younger women. I had to win.

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