Teasdale's Daughter | l.p (Completed)

I'm Jenny Teasdale. My life isn't the regular 18 year old life. My mom is the make-up atrist for the band One Direction. Me being her daughter, i'm on tour with her all the time because she likes to have help. I'm around them non-stop because well, my mom wants me to date on of them. Not that i'm complaining...
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


9. ~9

Jenny's pov:

"What-How-How did you find me?" I sputtered incing closer the the window, away from the group of boys.

"Why did you leave." Liam asked crossly, completley ignoring me question. Ugghhh Why are you always on me?! I wanted to scream, but I bit my tounge. 

"Because." I responded looking out the window.

"Well let's go. We need to get to the stadium." He ordered. "Now!" I scrambled up and slid past Luke who was blinking in confusion at Liam. 

"Hey boys." Niall sighed giving them a slight wave. 

"Wait, You know them?" I asked my arm in Liam's tight grip. I felt Liam tense up and I gave him a weird look. This boy must be on his period all the time.

"Oh Yeah, they're the band opening up for us." Harry said. "The chances of you ending up with them hey?" He chuckled. 

Liam pulled me away and I nodded goodbye to the confused boys. I was put into a car and not another word was spoken to me, and I didn't try anyways. 

"Paul and Simon along with us have decided it's best to take you to the mental hospital and get you checked out." Liam finally said which resulted in nervous looks from the boys. 

"Wow. Thanks guys." I finally sighed in distress and anger.

"I'm really sorry. Everyone think's it's best." Niall apologized with glassy eyes, clearly upset about it.

I shrugged, not wanted or knowing what to say. He turned around and let out a long sigh.

We stopped at The Hills Clinic Hospital which looked like any other hospital you'd see. I was walked in which I object to, and they immediately took me into an examination room. The examination went something like this:


Doctor: Hello there, I'm Doctor Flynn. 

Me: Hi.. I'm Jenny Teasdale.

Doctor: It's quite nice to meet you. So shall we begin?

Me: Me as well.. And.. I guess?

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: Okay. So it;s my understanding you've been having some issues with your friends out                       there?

Me: I guess you could say that.

Doctor: Are you comfortable around family?

Me: Yes.

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: Are you comfortable around acquaintances?

Me: Yes.

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: Around people you do not know?

Me: Yes.

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: Public places?

Me: Yes.

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: What happens when you don't speak to your friends?

Me: I just don't want to, and I feel anxious sometimes. I'm scared of one of them and he's kind of               like the leader of they're group.

Doctor ticks of a box.

Doctor: I see. Well that's enough for today. Jacki!

Jacki: Yes?

Doctor: Bring them all in.

Jacki: Okay.

Me: What? Why?

Doctor: I know what your condition is. Oh, Welcome. Please, take a seat. Make yourselves                             comfortable. Ready everyone?

Me: I guess so.

Doctor: You have Selective Mutism. Otherwise called SM. It is when you get social anxiety with                     certian people or pleaces, and you don't speak or socialize, and may possibly get anxiety                 attacks if feeling too anxious. Her type is the common kind called Relapsing- Remitting.                  This is when you have flare-ups, followed my periods of time when you have no symptoms,               which is called recovery. You may eventually get new symptoms which result in troubles                     walking, sleeping and pain. Fortuanetly, you can be treated with medicine, rehab and other               treatments. At home, keep yourself cool and avoid caffine. Questions? No? Okay, here's a               sheet on the treatments and the disorder. Have a good one, and here's a few bottled of                     meds and heres a perscription to keep refilling. Okay bye for now.


"Well.." I trailed off, then started crying.

"I'm so sorry Jenny." Liam finally said and ran a hand through his hair, pacing to the vehicle alone.

Niall knelt down and patted me back, not wanting to scare me or get me too anxious. I rolled over and fell into his chest, clutching his t-shirt. He wrapped his muscular arms around my body and rocked me back and forth. I sobbed freely into his wavering chest, heaving in and out. 

What is life?

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