Teasdale's Daughter | l.p (Completed)

I'm Jenny Teasdale. My life isn't the regular 18 year old life. My mom is the make-up atrist for the band One Direction. Me being her daughter, i'm on tour with her all the time because she likes to have help. I'm around them non-stop because well, my mom wants me to date on of them. Not that i'm complaining...
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


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READ: Okay so i'm so freaking sorry this one took so long. I've come to my senses to realize that I need a co-author due to my extracurricular activities I've taken up, leaving me with way less time to update. Please comment below if you have enough time to help me update atleast once a week and you have to have atleast 10 fans and 15-25 favorites & likes on a story. Thanks I love you guys<3

Jenny's pov:

My eyes fluttered open and I pushed myself up of the heavily cushioned couch. I pushed myself up with my good arm, cradling my wrapped-up arm to my chest carefully. Ignoring the sharp stings in my side, I staggered to the next wall closer to the kitchen. 

My stomach grumbled loudly and I continued on my way to the fridge. Once I popped into the kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised. The walls, the color of a yellow iris brought out a happy tone and matched the white counters and cabinets. I opened the fridge and a horrible stench wafted into my nose. 

My nose crinkled up instinctively and I slammed the fridge closed with a larger bang than I expected.  Almost on cue, someone walked in groaning. 

"I'm so sorry." I said turning around to face Luke.

"No worries." He answered yawning and ruffling his bed hair. Aweh, his bedhair makes him look so cute, along with those gorgeous- no. No. No. No. 

"Do you by any chance have any food that isn't rotten?" I asked in a gentle teasing tone.

"That would be a no." He said running a hand through his locks. 

"Oh.." I said awkwardly and bit my lip. 

"Let's just go out." A husky tone that belonged to Ashton mumbled as he walked in.

"Okay," I agreed excitedly "I don't have any clothes though.."

"Believe it or not, theres a clothing boutique right beside us." Luke said. Ashton started rum,aging in drawers until he said. "Aha!" And pulled out a wad of money.

"Heres some cash to buy yourself something to wear." He said handing me the money wrapped in a thick elastic. 

"That's too much. I can't." I said pushing his hands away.

"Yes you can. We have jobs. It's not a big deal." Luke put in.

"Can I at least pay you back?" I asked.

"Fine." Ashton sighed in defeat and I took the money, running out the door. I stepped out into the heat and looked both ways down the sidewalk until I saw the boutique a few steps away. I ran through the door and the fresh air conditioned air breezed into my face. 

I looked around until I found an outfit and bought it, using $57.50 out of the $400 dollars I was borrowed.


I put my hair up and put very light makeup on to at least make myself look presentable. The weather was actually decently hot today. Praise the lord it wasn't so hot I couldn't wear a longsleeve today. I walked out to see the 4 boys already waiting. And man, did they look rather snazzy today.

They each greeted me with a friendly hug and we started down the street. 

"So what even happened yesterday?" Calum decided to ask, bringing up a needed explanation from me.

"Troubles with friends." I said meekly, turning my gaze to the waves crashing against the sandy beach, where people were tanning, surfing, playing around and pure happiness was present.

"What happened?" Calum pressed. 

"I needed to get out." I replied, not looking at him. 

"Were here." Micheal interrupted our conversation, leading us into a cute little restaurant. The theme was Westside. I chuckled to myself lightly and we were seated.

"What can I start you all of with?" An older lady asked, taking out her waitress pad.

"We'll all have usual." Ashton said before I could order. He flashed a smile winning the lady over immediatly.

"Okie dokie Ash." She smiled and walked off, scribbling on  the pad.

"Jenny..?" A thick british accent asked in disbelief and I looked up to see Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis staring at me in awe.

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