Teasdale's Daughter | l.p (Completed)

I'm Jenny Teasdale. My life isn't the regular 18 year old life. My mom is the make-up atrist for the band One Direction. Me being her daughter, i'm on tour with her all the time because she likes to have help. I'm around them non-stop because well, my mom wants me to date on of them. Not that i'm complaining...
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


7. ~7

Jenny's pov~

"Hey." A voice whispered into my ear. I lightly stirred and turned away from the voice, scrunching my eyes closed.

"We landed." The husky voice said again and as if on cue, my eyes fluttered open and met emerald green orbs. 

"About time." Harry chuckled standing up straight and offered me his hand. I ignored it and swept underneath it walking to the exit past the boy's who had questioning looks written across their faces.

I got off and the rays of sun shone onto my tan skin and heated me up immediately.

"Can I go change please?" I asked Paul in a a sky voice, tucking my coffee bean colored strands of hair behind my ear.

"Yes, but be fast. Your suitcase should be over there." He smiled and pointed to the small buggy with a trailer full of suitcases. I nodded my thanks and broke into a light jog across the dotted path in the landing/flight area for safety.

I stopped and took a few seconds to catch my breath even though it was literally 40 seconds of a slow jog. I'm a fatty.

I pulled my bright blue suitcase of the trailer and started pulling it back down the pathway. I stopped at the entrance of the plane and sat down on my butt. I dropped the suitcase on the ground and unzipped it, taking out my summer clothes. I zipped it back up and stood up sweeping the dirt of my butt.

I ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time like a pro. I was already pulling my hoodie off myself before I was even safely out of the view of anyone. I'm sweating like a fat pig cooking in a oven. I'm funny, I know.

I changed and applied a bit of mascara and eye shadow that I had in my hoodie pocket thankfully.  


I walked out and back down the stairs closing my suitcase and the buggy drove over to throw it back into trailer. 

"Thanks." I laughed giving the man a smile and he tipped his fedora back. I heard people yelling my name and I perked over to the voices to see the boys' and the crew motioning for me by yet another SUV. 

"Give a women some time!" I thought to myself angrily with an annoyed sigh. I started running across the flat surface and arrived in about a minute or so. 

I got in avoiding eye contact and as little conversation as possible, just like it has been lately. 

"So.." Zayn said awkwardly, breaking the silence. I ignored his gesture for conversation and gazed out the window at the sandy beach, happy couples, happy singles, birds chirping and cute little stores. 

"Uh there's this band that's going to be opening for us for the rest of the tour!" Niall chirped to me desperately trying to raise the mood. I pursed my lips ignoring him and I heard a defeated sigh come from him.

"What did I do.." He whispered to Harry, his voice shaky with emotion. 

"Nothing Nialler. Nothing." Harry answered and out of the corner of my eye, I could see him pulling Niall in for a comforting hug and eyeing me angrily. Niall's face was red and he looked like he was about to cry any minute. God, I feel horrible. Now i'm gonna cry. 

"Stop the car." I spoke up in a uneven tone, about to break down. Stay calm. Stay calm.

"What? Why?" The driver asked looking at me through the rear view mirror.

"I need to get out!" I yelled to him, fumbling for the door, tears building up. "Just let me out!" I pleaded crawling over the boys who were dead silent not knowing what to do. I started pulling the door handle, but it was locked.

"Jenny, it's okay." Zayn tried to tell me as I was laying across him and Liam. 

"No!" I said panicking. 'I need air!" I shouted to the driver who was looking around anxiously. Zayn started to say something to me and tried to sooth me by gently rubbing my back, but that made it worse.

"Don't touch me!" I screamed hysterically to him and pulled the lock up. By then the boy's were freaking out because they had no clue what was happening and why I was acting like a madwomen. 

"She's having a panic attack!" Liam yelled to them as I pushed the door open and started crawling to the way out. 

"Don't let her get out!" He yelled just as I slipped out the open door and onto the pavement. I landed with a thump and a sharp pain hit my shoulder and side. I heard footsteps start surrounding me, but I didn't even care anymore. I blinked and looked up at the sky, where 4 concerned faces were at each corner. 

"Let's get her into our place." A thick Australian accent decided and they heaved my bloody body up into their arms and started walking. Well they sure aren't second guessing anything. We disappeared into a building, out of the abandoned town street. So much for the boy's coming back for me hey?

I groaned as they gently set me down onto a leather couch. I closed my eyes shut and scrunched my face up in pain.

"I'll get the cleaner and gauze." 

"I'll get the painkillers and cloths"

"I'll get ice!"

"I'll stay with her." All four Australians said after one another and three disappeared to go fetch the things they need.

"Hey love, can you hear me?" A gentle voice asked me, a hand brushing strands of my hair out of my face.

"Yeah." I moaned back and I heard a 'mm' back. 

"Can you open up those eye's of yours by any chance?" He asked in a sweet and slow tone.

I opened my hazel eyes and searched for the man that held the soothing voice. I looked over and saw a boy with a dark blonde mop of curly hair styled to the side and matching hazel eyes. He gave me a relieved award winning smile that showed off his deep dimples. I smiled at how cute his face was and may I say, he is extremely attractive.

"I'm Ashton. Your name is?" He introduced himself and settled down cross-legged on the floor, looking up at me, waiting for me to respond. 

"Jenny." I answered holding out a weak hand to be shaken. He held out his big hand and long fingers and carefully grabbed it and shook it. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at his careful motions.

"What?" He demanded with a laugh and open mouth. 

'Your being very careful." I observed with a lopsided grin and a laugh. He shook his head at me with a laugh and the 3 other boys walked in.

"Ash, you already got her laughing!" A boy said with dark hair and dark skin.

"Good with the ladies as usual." Another frowned and shook his head jokingly. 

"I'm Calum by the way." The darker one added with a chuckle.

"I'm Michael!" Said a chipper voice that belonged to the boy with blonde hair and a black stripe going down the middle. Classy.

"Oh i'm Luke." Said the blonde in a smooth yet shy tone, giving me a lopsided smile. He had blonde hair styled up into a quiff, blue eyes and a lip piercing. 

"I'm Jenny" I returned them and then hissed as I bumped my shoulder against a TV remote or something. I picked it up with my good hand and handed it to Calum who had a embarrassed look on his face.

"Oh.. sorry." He apologized giving me a shy smile. 

"It's cool." I smiled back then propped myself up a bit more before adding, "Mind fixing me up?" With a light tone.

"Oh right!" Ashton said loudly and they all instantly started scrambling to get all the supplies ready. I laughed at them as they were having troubles opening the childproof containers.

"God why do they have to make this so difficult!" Ashton wailed throwing it at the wall where it popped open.

"GOT IT!" He screamed joyfully and hopped over the small table with a large leap and recovered the pills. He handed me two and a plastic cup of water. I swallowed them and they cleaned up my scrapes and covered them up.

"You guys are very professional." I teased them examining their messy job.

"Oh I know!" Ashton agreed over-excitedly. I laughed and yawned. 

"You get some sleep there Jenny." Ashton decided taking the wool blanket from Michael who protested loudly. He tucked it over me and gave me a smile. 

"See you when you wake up." He said standing up and following the other three boy's out of the room waving at me before closing the door behind them. 

I smiled to myself at how affectionate and caring they are and fell asleep. 

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