Teasdale's Daughter | l.p (Completed)

I'm Jenny Teasdale. My life isn't the regular 18 year old life. My mom is the make-up atrist for the band One Direction. Me being her daughter, i'm on tour with her all the time because she likes to have help. I'm around them non-stop because well, my mom wants me to date on of them. Not that i'm complaining...
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


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Hi guys! It's 1d4everr. Please don't judge this book as bad yet, its only the first chapter and i'm just introducing characters and getting into the book. If you stayed for the next few chapters, I would appreciate it so much because I promise this will get better! I don't like to do these author notes and I will only have a few. And I want you guys to ship Jenny with one of the boys because I love to read your comments to see your inputs on my story and couple choices! Sorry i'm dragging this on.. Okay so yeah please read!<3



Jenny's pov:

"First day of the world tour. First day of living with the guys. First day of a new start." I thought sliding on my clothes. A knock banged against my door and I opened it, putting on my fake nerd glasses.

"Yeah?" I asked pursing my lips.

"Just about time to leave hon." My dad said, kissing my cheek lightly.

"Okay. Thanks dad." I said and he walked away with a light scoff. I rolled my eyes and sidled after him. Me and my dad aren't exactly close. He tries, but i'm too stubborn to realize that and make an effort. I stopped in the bathroom to swig an Advil. I looked in the full length mirror and let out a sigh of relief.

"At least I don't look terrible." I thought self-consciously, and dabbed a bit more concealer on.

(outfit- shirt tucked in)

I walked downstairs and saw our bags being put into the vans.

"Love, don't tell me you  brought you're whole wardrobe!" My mom said persistently and paced back and forth as usual, then picked up Lux.

"Not all of it!" I chuckled giving her a lopsided smile. I scoffed as she started to play with Lux. I love my baby sister, but she annoys me with her nightly wake-ups at 3 in the morning, then screams and cries for another hour. Can never get enough sleep at home. My mom is only 30 and i'm 17. She was raped when she was 13 and got pregnant with me. Grandma tried to get her to abort me, but she wouldn't. She was going to put me up for adoption, but then she decided to keep me. I'm the black sheep of this family, the accident. No wonder me and my dad don't get along. 

"Bye Luxie!" She said in a baby voice to my little sister, and started cuddling her. 

Ugh, that baby voice. It is so annoying. I knew better than to point it out. I would get grounded for a while. Definitely not worth it.

"Bye!" I said giving Lux a quick cuddle, as well and dad a small hug. Me and mom got into the van giving our family a good-bye wave. I squeezed my moms hand knowing this was always hard for her. She hates going on the road away from all of us, especially because i've been with her most of her life. 

"This time isn't so hard. I've got you now." She said and gave me a wide grin. I smiled back and leaned my head on her shoulder lovingly. I soon drifted into a sleep.


"Love, wake up! Were getting on the plane to London." She mom said in a hushed voice, shaking me awake.

"Okay, okay. Easy there," I grumbled in annoyance, ignoring her laugh. I got up and hesitantly walked out to board our private jet. "Stupid sun." I croaked and heard her laugh again. I ran into the jet and then curled up in a seat to sleep.

"The boy's are so excited to finally see you again!" My mom said from across the plane, obviously not recognizing that I was trying to sleep. I grunted in annoyance, but I altered to attempt to lighten up my mood. 

"Wish I could say the same." I mumbled, moving my position.

"Love, Don't be like that..." She scolded me, trailing off.

"I saw them 3 months ago. Not long enough to be without them." I retorted, sitting up to face her, knowing there was no way she's let me sleep now.

"But sweetie! Sure they're childish, annoying-"

"Don't go on. I already know." I interrupted her and got a scowl from her. Truth is, I honestly don't think of them the way I act like I do. I really like them all to be honest. They're great friends and I wouldn't mind dating one of them... Until we go public. Fan's hate, Rumors start. Not my scene.

"They adore you darling." She finally sighed then turned around to look at the clouds we were sailing through. 

I bit back a smile but, let out a sarcastic laugh. "Maybe. Too bad I don't feel the same." Then I stuck in my headphones and turned on good old Miley Cyrus. 'Adore You' came on and I fell asleep to it.

I woke up to the flight attendant shaking me up.

"We've landed." She said politely but had a annoyed smile forced on her face. I shrugged and got off after my mom, scrunching my eyebrows up at the sun streaming down on me. 

"LOUISEEEE!" Harry screamed and charged himself at her, giving a big bear hug.

"Hi love.." She moaned back and soon was encrusted in a group hug, consisting Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry. I stood awkwardly back a bit until Louis spotted me. Shit.

"JENNY!" He screeched and I touched my ear pointing out that that hurt my ear, but he didn't take notice and instantly wrapped me up in a bear hug, spinning me around. 

"Don't-don't touch me." I groaned as he squeezed the living hell out of me. He pulled back and gave me a approving look for some unknown reason. I raised my eyebrows and attempted to rip his hands off me, resulting, me to fail miserably.

"I missed you Jenny-poo!" He smirked knowing I despised that nickname. I shook my head at him violently and he laughed and then stepped away making a face that read, 'Hoo boy'. I looked at him in confusion then felt weight pile onto me. I saw Niall on top of me, smirking like crazy. Then Harry hopped onto his back, causing me to stumble and fall to the ground.

"DOG PILE!" Zayn declared loudly and then 2 more people threw themselves onto me.

"Can't bre-athe." I choked gasping for air.

"Boys," Liam started sternly then kneeled down in front of me. "Get off her! You are gonna cut off her air pipe and blood circulation!" He yelled at them, standing up to pace around them, and I heaved up and down, helplessly scrambling to get out from under them.

 "They already are." I grumbled only loud enough for no one to hear as Liam pulled everyone off.

"God bless you!" I shouted and pulled him into a hug. His strong arms wrapped around me and he kissed my temple. "I love you!" I sighed and then pulled away to see mom smirking at me with a look in her eyes that said, "Lovley. My matchmaking plans are going perfectly."

The other boys decided to pull the puppy dog look. If you haven't noticed, I like Liam the most. I guess I fancy him, but he's dating Danielle Peazer. I have no chance up against that girl. 

"I'm not falling for that!" I said shaking a finger at them. They all put on straight faces and I scoffed then started walking away, swaying my hips on purpose, hoping to seduce them or something. 

"Uh Jenny," Niall called after me, and I could hear a few snickers being breathed out. 

"Mhm?" I asked throwing it over my shoulder and kept walking.

"Y-You're eh, going the wrong way.." Niall trailed off. Red flushed my face and I turned around and walked the other way in a fast-walk and I could hear everyone killing themselves laughing. They all eventually came after me, deep in their own conversations.

"I like you're glasses by the way!" Niall yelled from behind me.

"Thanks." I mumbled back, sucking my lips in. I heard someone walk up behind me and I turned to see Liam slow to a walk letting out a deep sigh.

"Hey." I smiled at him and He smiled back.

"Sorry that their being asses." He apologized, snaking a arm around me waist. I felt my cheeks heat up, but I let my hair cover up the clues to my secret crush. 

"They all fancy you, you know." He smirked giving me a wink.

"Ugh no." I groaned sheepishly and bit my lip.

"Oh come on! They're not that bad!" He insisted, squeezing me closer. I felt tingles go up my spine and goosebumps pop up. Don't screw up. Don't screw up.

I shrugged and looked away from his chocolate brown eyes. He sighed and let me go of my thin body and walked beside me, slowly inching further away awkwardly. Shit. Of course I screw up. 

"Okay, Jenny, You're with the boys. Lou, you're with us." Paul directed us once we were out back at the tour buses, and I could feel smirks burning into the back of my head.

All the adults were in the bus before I could protest. I groaned and sulked into my bus. I crawled into a top bunk for more privacy and shouted, "This is mine!" To alert everyone of my choice. If i'm stuck with 5 boys, there's no way i'm gonna let them peek in on me whenever they please.

"Okay.." Zayn trailed off and gave me a hard stare, scratching his chin.

"What?" I asked and raised my eyebrows at him, waiting for a answer

"That's my bed." He said after a pause and crossed his arms sassily. 

'Eh, not anymore." I smirked and closed the curtains on his face just as sassy as that prick. Two hands wrapped around my ankels and pulled me off the bed. I grabbed the side and screamed.

"Rape! Kidnap! Murder!" I screamed hysterically, digging my fingernails into the soft bedding.

"Jenny, shut up." He said and pulled me even harder, making my nails scratch along the fabrics, him pulling me a few inches closer to the edge.  

I screamed desperately and out of the corner of my eye, I could see all of the other boy's pinning down Liam, who was struggling, trying to come to my rescue. I screamed even louder then kicked back and hit Zayn in the nose. He let go, and I jumped down and ran for my life out the door. The boys were laughing at Zayn, but I barley even realized. I was too busy saving myself. 

'MOM!" I screamed, banging on her door.

"What." She sighed in annoyance popping her head out of the door hesitantly.

"They're being mean!" I pouted and stuck out my bottom lip, hoping for that to work.

"Figure it out like a mature adult." She emphasized and slammed the door shut, nearly catching my hand. I gasped and jumped back then kicked the door as hard as I could.

"Damn you!" I shouted and stalked back inside of my bus. Zayn had ice to his nose and gave me the evil eye. The boys had watery eyes and were still chuckling at what they had experienced. 

"Hey! You're the one who tried to rip me off the bunk I chose!" I said defensively. Liam was holding back laughter with the other boys and was wiping his eyes. Zayn just shook his head. I smiled fakley and snatched pajamas out of my suitcase. I walked in the bathroom and changed. I snuck my tampons in as well and hid them behind the toilet. Hopefully they won't find those. I came out and sat beside Liam and Niall.

Harry gave me a plate of hamburgers that I assumed was dinner. I bit in and stifled a moan.

"The Harry Styles actually doing something!" I smirked evilly and listened to laughter. Harry started pouting and turned around and suddenly threw a bananna at my face. It hit my face and I let out a 'Omf' of pain and surprise. Everyone started laughing off their asses and I stood up from the table and charged at Harry. He easily picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head just above his bum.

'Thigh' Niall mouthed to me pointing to my elbow. I smirked my thanks and jammed my elbow into his upper thigh. He squealed and let go of me. I fell to the ground put quickly recovered. I started tickling him and sat on top of his lower region. Oops. Everyone was laughing so hard they were crying.

"S-Sto-p!" He yelled in between laughs and scrambled underneath me. 

"Say, I hail to Jenny Teasdale!" I said tickling him harder, not letting him have any chance of escape.

"I-I ha-il t-to Je-Jennn-y Teas-da-dale!" He screamed and I jumped off him. He laid there for a few seconds with his eyes closed and he let out a heavy sigh of relief. I sweeped my hands off with a small sigh and winked at Harry then climbed into my top bunk, cuddling under the blankets. I heard someone open the curtains and I opened a eye to see Liam.

'G'night Jen" He smiled and ruffled my hair like he would to his little sister. Just a little sister to him. The feelings will never be mutual. 

"Night Li" I hummed back and He let out a chuckle and disappeared. I fell asleep smiling.

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