Teenage Disaster (DISCONTINUED)

You think you know me? Well there's a possibility. That girl who couldn't care less of what people thought about her? You could say that. But you see that girl over there? Who laughs at the weak? Maybe she's secretly one of them. She hides her emotions, never letting anyone in. That girl, is me. Just another Teenage Disaster.


2. Party

*Mature content ahead, don't say i didn't warn you!*


"There you are!" A pair of arms slid around my waist. I looked up to see Nick with a drunken slur on his lips.

     " Having fun?" He asked. I nodded my head and sipped on my drink. Louis had walked off with another girl, chatting away. We walked into a living room filled with smoke and alcohol.

Throughout the night we had played stupid games, dry humped strangers, body shots, and more.

     " Truth or dare!" Someone screamed. I laughed at the juvenile game but, played anyways. Over twenty people sat around in a circle.

" Layla, truth or dare?" They smirked, already knowing the answer.

     " Dare." I gulped down the remainder of the beer beside of me.

" I dare you to take Nick up stairs. Seven minutes in heaven." I looked up at Nick who had sat next of me. He immediately had a smirk plastered to his lips. I grabbed his hands, pulling him up the stairs. My vision was slowly blurred but, my drunken giggles covered it.

     " Did I tell who how great you look tonight?" His deep voice whispered into my ear, slowly creating goose bumps. I shook my head. His hands grasped my waist, leaving me vulnerable. 

" I might need more then seven minutes." He chuckled, sliding off his shirt. His abs were very prominent. My hands slid downs his toned stomach, towards his belt leaving him panting. His bulge stuck out from beneath his pants, slowly growing in length. His hot breath tickled my neck, causing me to giggle.

     " What?" He asked with a smile. His eyes were several shades darker than earlier. I  slid the corners of his boxers down, reaching his length. He gasped at the new feeling. I teased him a bit, slowly gliding my hand up and down, rubbing on his tip harshly. His hips bucked harshly into mine.

" Your turn." He groaned pushing me underneath him. He through my shirt over and across the room along with my tight jeans. 

By now I was panting, wanting more. His tongue slid in circles around my hips, leaving mild bruises. He lips traveled to my inner thighs. 

     " I want to kiss your lips." I looked down at him.

" Then kiss me?" He smirked.

     " Not here," He pecked my actual lips.

" Here." He pulled on the corners of my underwear, his tongue moving in circles.

He groaned, I moaned at the feeling. My hands wrapped around his head, pulling him closer to me. My hips buckled up from the bed, pushing him further. I was in a complete haze. His fingers slid around me, me grasping onto every movement.

He continued with sweet touches and gentle whispers. It had been well over seven minutes but, no one had seemed to stop us.

     Later that night we laid in the quite room, only a thin sheet covering us. His heartbeat still rapid, mine slowly dying down. The party continued outside of the room, music clearly heard through the entire house. Nicks eyes slowly closed shut, leaving him in a deep sleep. I sighed before slipping on my clothes and heading out the door.

" Where have you been?" Zayn said from behind me. 

     " Busy." He chuckled before nodding.

" Harry has been looking everywhere for you. He's about to go mental!" Zayn chuckled beside me. I laughed, " I guess I better find em." I waved goodbye before walking off.

     " Layla!" Harry shouted from across the room. He had a drink in his hand and a girl clinging to his waist. 

" Are you ready to go?" I asked him. He shook his head angrily.

     " You're not my mum!" He sassed.      

" Yeah I'm not. Mums at home and she's going to kill us if we don't get home!" I raised my voice a bit. He ignored me and walked away with the blonde bimbo. I grunted. 

     " Loosen up a bit." Someone nudged me a bit. He handed me a drink, which I happily took. I nodded and danced around, not a care in the world.

My eyes slowly began to shut and I was lifted off my feet. I wiggled around but was too weak.

     " Let's get you home." 

I was placed in a car and my eyes closed fully shut. 

" Goodnight Layla." The bed dipped down and I was pulled back into a deep sleep.


     The light shinned through the dark room, causing me to squint. " Layla wake up dear." My mother had knocked on the door. I opened my eyes and sat up. Who brought me home last night?

     " Hmm, morning." Zayn laid in my bed next to me.

" What are you doing here!" I managed to keep my voice down.

     " Well someone had to take you home. I was too tired to drive back to my place." He shrugged his shoulders.

" We have school." I groaned, he did the same. " Who's damn idea was it to do this on a school night, and the first day of school?" He chuckled, grabbing his joggers. 

     " You can borrow a pair of Harry's clothes if you need." He nodded and agreed.

" Here." I handed him a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt before taking a shower.

The warm water slid down my back along with the soapy suds.

     " Layla?" The door creaked open.

" Get out!" I screeched with a laugh. 

     " How am I supposed to get out with your mum just down stairs?" He asked.

" Say you stayed the night with Harry." I shrugged knowing he couldn't see me.

     " Well I need a shower." 

"Well I'm kind of in it." I rolled my eyes. The shower curtain slowly opened.

     " Zayn!" I hit his bare chest, and hid behind the curtain.

" Sharing is caring!" He put his hands up defensively before walking out, his laugh was heard throughout the room.

I stepped out of the warm shower and wrapped the towel tightly around me.

" You're still in here?" Zayn sat on my bed with the TV on in front of him.

     " Yup." He popped the 'p'. 

I slid on my clothing, not caring that he was in here.

     " Nice show." He chuckled before headed out. I fixed my hair and did my make up before heading down the stairs. My hangover was slightly evident but bearable. Harry was already down stairs along with Zayn. His eyes were dark and blood shot.

" What happened to you?" I asked him. Mum had already left the room. 

     " Nothing!" He snapped. I rolled my eyes and ate my breakfast.

Zayn rode along with us to school, the ride was dead silent.

     " I'll see you later." I shouted back and headed into the school. Everyone was tired and sluggish. Well everyone who was at the party was. Nick stood by a group of jocks, whispering god knows what. He snickered before turning back around, seeing me. His grin only grew but, it wasn't a friendly one. I ignored his glances and walked off.

" Sick part right?" Louis is the only person I know that could have so much energy without any sleep.

     " I guess. Seems like you had a good time with, what was her name?"

" Elena.." He blushed, looking down at his shoes. I laughed.

     " Does wittle Louis have a cwush?" I laughed, pinching his cheeks. He swatted my hands, the blush on his cheeks only growing.

" What's going on?" Niall walked towards us. Louis groaned, tipping his head back in annoyance. 

     " Louis has a wittle crush!" I giggled. Niall looked at Louis and saw his tinted cheeks.

Niall grinned,"who is it?"

      Louis mumbled the name.

" Elena." I answered for him causing Louis to glare.

     " Oh I heard she just moved here. She's hot, and single!" Niall nodded approvingly at his friend.

" Okay, okay, now shut up about it!" Louis muttered and grabbed his other books before heading off. Niall and I looked at each other before laughing.

     "I'll see you later."

The first half of the day went by fast,by the time I looked at the clock it was time for lunch.

     " Layla, Elena. Elena, Layla." I looked at the girl who sat next of Louis. She had envious deep brown eyes and dark brown hair. Not very tall, and naturally rosy cheeks.

" Nice to meet you." I smiled at her. She returned it.

     " Where's Harry?" I looked around for him.

" I haven't seen him all day." They all said the same thing. I shrugged and picked at my lunch. " Not hungry?" Louis asked. I shook my head no.

     " Just tired." He nodded and returned back to the conversation.

" Layla Styles, please report to the principles office straight away." The speakers said throughout the school. I shrugged and walked off.

     " Hello?" I walked through the doors.

" Right this way." The older women brought me towards a door. Nick sat in one chair, Harry in the other.

     " Harry!" I gasped, running towards my damaged brother. " What the hell did you do!" I ran up to Nick, hitting him over and over again. " Layla enough!" The principle shouted. I huffed out a breath and lent against the wall. Nick glared over at me. I looked back at my injured brother and sighed.

" What happened?" My voice was low and tired. 

     " I'm sure your brother will explain to you at home. Suspended for the remainder of the week. This is the second day of school Mr. Styles, honestly this is ridiculous."  I grabbed the keys from Harry and walked out the school building. Nick smirked slightly, looking me up and down. I might have judged him wrong.

" Go in the kitchen." I told him as we arrived home. I went to get the first aid kit. I returned to the kitchen, Harry sat on the counter with an ice pack to his stomach. I sighed. 

     " Close your eyes." I wiped the cut above his eyebrow and sprayed the disinfectant, he hissed grabbing my wrist.

" Harry let go." I wiggled around in his grasp. His eyes were dark and tired. 

     " I'm sorry." His voice cracked. I sat up on the counter, hugging his side, His chin rested on my head.

" I'm sorry." He repeated with his eyes shut. I nodded my head and jumped off of the counter.

     " Mum called. She's going to see grandma for a few days. Most likely won't be home for a week." He nodded his head and sat on the couch. His eyes slid shut and he was fast asleep.




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