Teenage Disaster (DISCONTINUED)

You think you know me? Well there's a possibility. That girl who couldn't care less of what people thought about her? You could say that. But you see that girl over there? Who laughs at the weak? Maybe she's secretly one of them. She hides her emotions, never letting anyone in. That girl, is me. Just another Teenage Disaster.


1. New year, New me


You think you know me? Well there's a possibility. That girl who couldn't care less of what people thought of her? You could say that. But you see that girl over there? Who laughs at the weak. Maybe she's secretly one of them. She hides her emotions, never letting anyone in. That girl, is me. Just another Teenage Disaster...


     " Layla get up." My mother shook me awake. " Breakfast is in a few." I hopped out of bed and continued my morning routine.

I combed through my brown waves, trying to get out the knots. Sliding on a sweatshirt, I headed down the stairs. 

      " Morning." Harry stumbled into the kitchen, well over half asleep. " talking on the phone too late last night I see?" I snickered. " shut up Layla." Harry groaned as I messed up his curls while walking by.

" You have to get going or you'll be late!" Mum handed me the keys and Harry grabbed his coat.

     " You're not crashing my car again!" He snatched the keys out of my hand and headed out the door, me following behind him.

" It was once! It was like three months ago! let it go already!" I laughed and climbed into the passenger seat of the car.

     " Finally last year! Then we're free!" Niall yelled hopping into the car. " Look it's the Styles twins!" Liam followed behind him.

" This better be a good year." I whispered with my head lent onto the window. " It will don't worry." Harry said looking over at me.

     " Have a good day okay?" I hugged Harry and hopped out of the car.

I heard squeals from behind me.

     " Layla I haven't seen you all summer!" Samantha, an old friend came up and crushed me into a hug. " how have you been?" I smiled at her,

" great! To bad summer is over!" She nodded her head in agreement.

     " But hey, it's the last year! Then we're done!" 

" Alright well I'll talk to you later." I waved goodbye and continued down the crowded halls. 

     " Layla!" I was tackled to the ground.

" Louis! Was that really necessary?" I laughed and he grabbed my hand, helping me up.

     " Yes it was. I haven't seen you in ages!" He exaggerated.

    " Louis, I saw you two days ago." I laughed. 

" Oh yeah. What class ya got?" I looked at my schedule.

     " I believe we have chemistry together." He winked a few times while I laughed.

     " Okay well lets go." We walked through the door just as the bell had rang. The teacher looked towards us disappointingly and we took a seat.

" Miss Styles, Mr. Tomlinson, it's the first day. I don't want this to be a habit with you two."

     " Whatever Sue." I popped in my ear buds. Louis smirked. 

She ignored my comment and continued the lesson. 

" I'll see you at lunch!" He waved from across the halls.

     " Hey Layla."

" Hey Nick." I smiled at the jock.

" So there's a part at mine tonight. Interested? He leaned against the lockers.

     " On a school night? How risky Mr. Colons." I smirked.

" Yeah I'll be there." He lent down to my petite size and kissed my cheek.

" Can't wait." He walked off leaving me with a smile.

     " What are you so smiley about?" Harry asked as I sat at the lunch table.

" What are you talking about?" He rolled his eyes. Nick sat across the canteen with a group of his mates, One wolf whistled and I blushed.

     " Want to explain that?" Harry glared back at the boys. I laughed," Nope."

Nick walked over and took a seat beside me. " You'll be there right?" I nodded.

" Definitely." 

      " Not." I looked at Harry. 

" Definitely not. Not on a school night." I pouted and sat in his lap, leaning my head on his shoulder.      " Hawwy pweez let me go!" I looked with my brown, puppy dog eyes. He sighed,

     " Fine but, I'm coming with you."

" Count me in!" Zayn said taking a seat.

     "ME TOO!" Louis shouted. The rest agreed to go with.

" Thank you!" I kissed his cheek. I got up to talk with Nick. " Hey Layla.. would you be my date for the party?" He looked down at me. 

     " I-uh- Yeah." I smiled and nodded. He pecked me on the lips before heading off once again.

The rest of the day came went by quickly. The last bell rang and I headed out to the car.

" Damn rain!" I groaned before pulling out an umbrella. Harry came running out of the building, taking large steps as he tried avoiding the puddles. Two idiots followed behind him.

     " Hurry up!" I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I waited.

He unlocked the door and we all piled in. " Gosh I'm all wet!" I groaned in annoyance.

     " I didn't need to know that..." Niall whispered. I smacked the back of his head and laughed.

" Not like that! no!" He smiled cheekily while Harry glared at Niall and I.

     " I'll see ya tonight!" Liam and Niall waved goodbye and got out of the car.

" What was that!" Harry snapped out of nowhere. " Wha-"

     " You and Niall! Don't play dumb!" He fumed. I looked at him like he had three heads and began to laugh. " What are you laughing at?" He grumbled.

" Harry, nothing is going on with Niall and I!" I laughed, placing my hands across my stomach.

     " promise?" I laughed and hugged him," I promise."

We got out of the car and headed inside. " what time is the party?" I looked at the paper that Nick has wrote the information on. " 10:00 pm so we'll leave at 9:30." He nodded his head.

" Still not a good idea on a school night." He chuckled. I nodded and agreed. We sat on the couch watching TV for around an hour. I had my head on his lap while I faced the screen.

     " When did you get this?" Harry traced my new tattoo. " Last week I think." The tattoo is of a tree, in the middle is a heart with chains and locks surrounding it, a shadow by the tree, and keys dangling from its hand. It has a lot of meaning to me.  The shadow represents me. I hold the keys to my own heart, locking it, not letting anyone in. I lock it to keep it protected.

     " We could have had ours done together!" He showed me the tattoos on his forearms, " Things i can, things i cant?"  I asked him. He shrugged. I know to him it has some great meaning, just like mine has to me. I nodded and lent against his shoulder. 

" So.." He started. " You and Niall eh?" He smiled cheekily.

     " Oh my god Harold! No!" He laughed with tears streaming down his face.

" I'm kidding jeez!"

I rolled my eyes before sitting up. " Go get ready!" I told him and headed into my room.

" What to wear, what to wear.." I mumbled to myself. I pulled out a pair of white skinnies, setting them onto the bed. I pulled out a lacy cream color crop top and set it beside before pulling out a pair of sandals with clasps around the ankles.

     " Eh it's good enough." I slid on the clothing and put my hair in bouncy curls, flowing down to my waist. I applied the pencil slowly around my eyes. 

" Ouch!" Of course I had to stab myself in the eye. Harry ran into the room.

   " You okay?" He laughed a bit. I glared at him before turning back towards the mirror.  

He grabbed the eyeliner from my hand and put it into his pocket. " Harry! Damnt give it back!" He sat on my bed and shook his stubborn head no. I finished with what makeup I had, applying the foundation, blush, mascara, and a pearl pink lipstick. 

     " Are you done?" I asked looking at him. He had his white shirt, leather jacket, and black jeans look going on.

" Nice." I laughed, " You too." He smiled and we headed down the stairs. When it hit nine thirty, we left.

     " I swear I'm going to kill you if you get drunk." He warned me. " And why is that brother dear?"

" Last time I had to carry you home." I laughed remembering what he was talking about.

     " You're a good brother." I patted his shoulder, he rolled his eyes.

" We're here!!" I shouted, jumping out of the car.

     " I'll catch up with you later!" I shouted at him and wondered off. Music blasted my ears and I smiled at the familiar environment. 

" Louis!" I shouted out. He turned around and smiled, waving his hand for me to come over. 

     " about time you got here!" He laughed. I grabbed a drink.

" You sure about that?" He pointed to the cup.

    " Louis, New year, New me."




 So this is the begging of Teenage Disaster.  

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