Save me! (16+)

My names Carrie and I used to be a campion horse rider until my horse and father died. My mom went crazy and started selling me a a a sex slave until One Direction came into town and Niall found me, he promises to get me out of here. How will he do it, and what will happen if he does?

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2. The Begining

It's a cold dark morning in upstate New York. No heat and no lights in the attic. All I have is a light blanket and a small cot. Ever since my father died my mothers gone crazy, she sells me as a sex slave. I roll over and stare at the walls, pictures of horses plastered all over with championship ribbons everywhere. Did I mention that I used to ride horses? I was a champion jumper and barrel racer. My horse and my father died in the same year, my horse died from colic and my father died in a car accident. Since then we have moved to a small town and she told everyone I had died. She brings in people from everywhere and to rape me and get money for it. I roll over and look at the clock. 6:30am. The next man to rape me will be here any minute. The door opened and this man rushed in, he was tall and muscular. I didn't even try to put up a fight. He grabbed me by my throat and whispered in my ear, 'get ready to get pounded'. He snickered and he threw me onto the bed. I bit my lip and looked away as he ripped my pants and shirt off leaving me in nothing. He took his clothes off and grabbed my hair and dragged me to my dresser where he made me sit. A tear fell from my eye as he entered me and thrusted hard. It started to hurt but I couldn't say anything. 'Whats a matter sweety. Am I not making you feel good?' He slapped me on the face. He pulled himself out but grabbed my hair and ripped me off the dresser and bent me over my bed and entered me again. He got harder and faster with his thrusts until he finally came inside me. He licked his lips and bent over me, 'Your a good fuck buddy. Expect me back' he giggled. He pulled his pants back up and left me laying there, crying. How long could I do this for? I have to get out. I grab the only thing I have left from my dad, an iPod. I put the old pair of headphones in and start skipping through music. One Direction. If only I could meet them.

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