Save me! (16+)

My names Carrie and I used to be a campion horse rider until my horse and father died. My mom went crazy and started selling me a a a sex slave until One Direction came into town and Niall found me, he promises to get me out of here. How will he do it, and what will happen if he does?

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11. My Mom

I opened my eyes and lifted my hands to where I could see them and moved them. I sat up and looked around. Where was Niall and the boys? My room was empty and cold. I looked back and didn't see another body, so I was in my body. I got out of the bed and fell on my face. 'Ouch!' In an instant I had sting arms around me picking me up. It was Niall. I stared at him and hugged him tightly. I buried my face into his shoulder and he held me tight. 'What happened?' I asked. 'You died Carrie. They were about to call you when your heart started again... I almost lost you.' His grip tightened and I kissed his neck. 'Im sorry' I whispered. His grip on me wasn't tight enough to be uncomfortable but it was tight. We stayed there, hugging, for a long time. A nurse walked in and saw us and coughed. He let go and I turned around. 'Theres a woman here to see Carrie? She says she's her mother.' My eyes grew in panic and I started shaking. Niall stood in front of me and too the nurse that she couldn't be allowed in but because she had proof that Carrie was her daughter they had no other choice. Niall began to raise his voice and I grabbed my ears and fell to my knees on the floor. Quickly spinning on his feet he kneeled besides me. I began to rock back and forth, crying immensely. Niall grabbed me and I stopped rocking but I still had my hands to my ears crying. I couldn't see her! What if she took me back! I pulled away from Niall and opened the door looking for the door when I saw her. 'That fucken cunt! That worthless bitch!' She screamed as she started tuning towards me. I stood my ground and when she reached me I did not flinch. Something inside me had snapped and I was done with being her play rag. I sat there as she yelled in my face when he was done and breathing heavily I just simply stated in a low soft voice that what goes around comes back around. She slapped me in the face causing my head to spin, not because she slapped me but because my brain was still swollen. I grabbed the sides of the door so I wouldn't fall. Guards came and took her away. Niall walked over and picked me up and walked me back to the bed. He laid down with me and smiled as I grabbed his hand. 'How long was I out for after I flatlined?' I asked coldly. Niall's face shifted. 'Only a day' I looked down. 'Im sorry Niall. I really am' he grabbed my face and kissed it. I fell asleep in his arms.

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